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AUDIOQUEST - Gibraltar Speaker Cables (Pr)


AudioQuest - Gibraltar Speaker Cables (Pr) AAQGIB06FTBIWIRE

AUDIOQUEST - Gibraltar Speaker Cables (Pr)


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A Stereophile Essential Component, Loaded with Patented Technology: AudioQuest Gibraltar Speaker Cables Deliver Astounding Purity, Clarity, Definition, Neutrality, and Dynamics

Speaker cables present one of the most vexing challenges to any system. It's the one component you don't ever want to notice. You want to set it and forget it is even there. You're looking for a cable that gets out of the way and introduces no sonic signature, tone, or influence on your music. You want purity, neutrality, openness. To get these desired qualities and more, you need AudioQuest Gibraltar, one of Music Direct's best-ever values.

So Resolving and Neutral, You Won't Notice It in Your System
Cables aren't created equally. Despite beliefs that suggest otherwise, exact science and advanced technology help separate the best cables from those that harm the music signal and reproduction. AudioQuest's Gibraltar is founded on meticulous audio principles and years of technical research, trial, and experimentation. Free of nasty distortion and overbearing coloration, the cable delivers exceptional clarity, transparency, dynamics, and naturalism. Aesthetically, Gibraltar is pretty too look at, but once it's a part of your system, you'll forget it's there. Just as it should be.

Technology With a Real Purpose   
Gibraltar boasts an array of technological attributes: Perfect Surface Copper (PSC+), the Dialectric Bias System (DBS), Double Star-Quad geometry, Spread Spectrum Technology (SST), unique BiWire and solid-core conductor construction. On paper, such claims are impressive. But their complicated application can also make them confusing. What does it all really mean? In short, AudioQuest's innovations with Gibraltar allow you to hear your favorite music with a coherency, definitiveness, and realism on par with that experienced by the artists in the studio. These are not simply fanciful marketing creations. Every aspect of Gibraltar serves a true purpose that positively impacts the music you hear.

Enhanced Focus, Improved Dimensionality, Fuller Range, Cleaner Sound
Permitting more life to breathe into the musical presentation, PSC+ minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries present within any metal conductor. Premium copper is treated with AudioQuest's proprietary Perfect Source method to eliminate imperfections on the surface area, close to where midrange and treble frequencies travel. These steps eliminate harshness and increase clarity. Similarly, AudioQuest's exclusive use of solid-core conductors result in signal-transmission efficiency that outperforms that of stranded designs, where signals need to hop from one conductor to the next. Solid-core conductors keep the signal intact, yielding lower distortion, higher energy, and cleaner sound.

Blacker Backgrounds, Greater Information Retrieval, Huge Dynamic Contrasts
Owner of two patents, the DBS solves cable-insulation problems by operating completely outside the signal path and using high-voltage battery packs to generate a strong electrostatic field that saturates and organizes the molecules of insulation. The battery pack also pulls to its ground any energy that hits a distinct shield running the length of the cable, yielding amazing protection from any external interference. These intelligent implementations minimize nonlinear time delay and energy storage in the insulation, letting sound emerge from blacker backgrounds with startling detail, information, and dynamic contrasts. The latter properties also benefit from the Gibraltar's Double Star-Quad geometry, which maximizes the relationship between conductors in a manner impossible in parallel construction.

AudioQuest Thought of Everything Else: All You Need to Do is Sit Back and Enjoy
How seriously does AudioQuest take its cables? Enough to recognize and admit that every size and shape of conductor has a specific distortion profile, or character flaw. SST significantly reduces the awareness of such flaws by utilizing a precise combination of different-sized conductors that merit startlingly clear, clean, dynamic, and lifelike sound. Combined with the Double Star-Quad design, which turns Gibraltar into a Double-BiWire set due to the autonomy of each Quad-conductor section, SST takes Gibraltar into full-range territory approached by no other cable in its price class. All of which means this special pricing offer cannot be beat. Leave the complex technology to AudioQuest. Simply add Gibraltar to your system and immediately reap the benefits.

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