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AUDIOQUEST - Nighthawk Balanced Headphone Cable


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AudioQuest Nighthawk Balanced Headphone Cable

Just as NightHawk judiciously borrows design elements found in today's most sophisticated loudspeakers, the NightHawk cable uses technologies found in AudioQuest's loudspeaker cables. You can think of the NightHawk cable as a miniaturized version of Castle Rock – one of AudioQuest's most transparent speaker cables.

Solid Conductors
Like all of AudioQuest's most sophisticated cables, the NightHawk cable uses solid conductors. Solid conductors avoid the strand-interaction distortion that commonly plagues typical stranded-conductor cables. Your music sounds cleaner, clearer, and more dynamic.

Controlling Energy
All cables require a dielectric to separate their positive and negative conductors and to provide the cable with geometric stability. However, because dielectrics necessarily absorb and release energy into the audio signal, they also cause distortion. Better dielectrics, such as the Foamed Polyethylene used in the NightHawk cable, absorb less energy to effectively minimize distortion.

Improving Contrast & Clarity
The physical relationship between conductors within a cable determines the cable's basic electrical characteristics – capacitance and inductance. Better geometry equals better sound. The NightHawk cable uses Double Star-Quad geometry, enabling better dynamic contrast and clarity than a common parallel geometry.

Metal Purity
Solid conductors alone are not the complete solution to distortion; metal purity is also essential. Like Castle Rock, the NightHawk cable uses AudioQuest's Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) – the very finest copper conductor metal. Compared to lesser materials, the smooth, pure surface of Perfect-Surface metals reduces harshness while greatly increasing clarity.

Taking Nothing for Granted
While the plugs found on most headphone cables are made of nickel-plated brass with a thin outer layer of gold, the plugs on the NightHawk cable use a Direct-Silver plating over extreme-purity copper for improved conductivity, lower distortion, and better performance.

More than Merely Functional
NightHawk's commitment to quality extends to its 3.5mm-to-1/4" plug adaptor. Featuring thick Direct-Silver plating over its extreme-purity copper base metal, the adaptor is far more than merely functional: It lives up to the standards set by NightHawk itself.

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