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AudioQuest - Vodka HDMI Cable AAQHDMIVOD10M



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An HDMI cable named Vodka better be smooth, pure and potent; fortunately, Audioquest's Vodka HDMI is all three. Treated to the heaviest silver plating Audioquest has ever used, Vodka delivers the performance of a pure silver cable at a very reasonable price. Vodka creates vibrant, shimmering images with exquisite resolution. Speed and dynamic range are truly outstanding without sacrificing Audioquest's legendary tonal neutrality. Midrange presence and power are first-rate with excellent bass extension and definition.

Vodka HDMI cables are guaranteed to have the 18Gbps bandwidth required for compelling features like 8K/30 video, HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery, and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel).

Vodka receives 10% silver plated Long Grain Copper solid-core conductors. This is the heaviest plating Audioquest has ever used and we wish they'd found a way to use it earlier. The heavy silver plating creates a cable with performance as close to a pure silver cable as we've ever experienced. Speed, texture and resolution are amazing, yet the price is absolutely affordable. Vodka is a directional cable, AQ listens to every primary signal conductor used in Vodka to determine proper conductor orientation, this simple test yields a surprising improvement to sonic performance.

Vodka is terminated using a solderless cold-weld process which eliminates distortion and improves reliability and longevity. Vodka receives high-performance silver plated connectors for superior connectivity and signal transfer.

HDMI v1.4
While the focus of the Indulgence Series HDMI cables is groundbreaking audio, video performance is hardly an afterthought. All Indulgence HDMI cables are High Speed compliant up to and including 8 meters and all will transfer 1080P/120HZ/4K/3D video. All Indulgence HDMI cables deliver 100% of the data required for 120Hz/240Hz/600Hz displays. All AudioQuest Indulgence series HDMI cables are 100% QC tested to pass 1080p at every length and all contain the 5th twisted pair for the new Ethernet and Audio Return Channel options.

Critical Twist (Half-Speed Mastering)
Audioquest winds all their HDMI cables at half the speed of other manufacturers; winding the cables slower allows the conductors to be more precisely placed, creating greater consistency, reliability and performance. Solid Polyethylene insulation ensures stable conductor geometry while minimizing insulation induced phase distortion.

Vodka HDMI will pass 3D video at lengths of up to 10 meters.

  • Solid 10% Silver Plated LGC Conductors
  • Low Jitter, Low Distortion Audio
  • Signal Conductors Controlled for Digital Audio Direction
  • Bi-Directional Ethernet Communication and Audio Return Channel Enabled
  • Lengths up to 3M in blue and black braided jacket• 5M to 20M in white PVC CL3/FT4 rated jacket
  • 0.6M to 8.0M are High Speed HDMI w/Ethernet connection
  • 12M to 20M are Standard Speed HDMI w/Ethernet Connection
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