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CREATIVE CABLE CONCEPTS Creative Cable - Black Knight Digital Cable



CREATIVE CABLE CONCEPTS Creative Cable - Black Knight Digital Cable


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Creative Cable Black Knight Digital RCA Cable

The Best-Sounding, True 75-Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable at this Price

All digital cables are supposed to have an internal impedance of exactly 75 Ohms. But you’ll notice that very few even employ true 75 Ohm RCA ends, let alone ensure the impedance of the cable run is exactly 75 Ohms, as well.

Creative Cable Concepts, the maker of the World-Class Green Hornet and Silver Bullet digital cables, has really outdone themselves with the brand-new, affordable Black Knight. The Black Knight is a simple, pure copper cable that maintains true 75 Ohm impedance from tip-to-tip!

What does this mean for sound quality? When your digital cable’s internal impedance does not exactly match the required standard of 75-Ohms, you get what’s called “reflection” inside the cable. The signal keeps bouncing back and forth inside, thus smearing the digital signal and making it more difficult for your DAC to interpret the digital files. The Black Knight, with its dead-on internal impedance lets the signal flow through perfectly, allowing your DAC to “read” the bits as they were meant to be converted in the analog domain.

Simply… one of the best values in coaxial digital cables! 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

Harry Pearson, founder of The Absolute Sound has been a long-time fan of the Creative Cable Green Hornet and Silver Bullet, using them in his main reference system for years! Now you can get the sound quality of these cables at a great price.  

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