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KIMBER KABLE Kimber - Copper Mini-USB Cable


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You won't belive what these Kimber USB cables will do for your digital audio. Most people don't realize that not all USB cables are created equally. Commercial USB cables are just not up to the task of passing the enormous data rates that high resolution audio over USB requires. A traditional USB cable is comprised of four conductors, two 26 gauge cables for the power side and two 32 gauge cables for the data.

The conductors Kimber uses are 22AWG and 28AWG 6.1% silver plated conductors making them twice as large as traditional USB cable with greater conductivity and longevity. The shielded nitrogen infused PE dielectric with high air content is the same as you'd find on a premium audio cable and noise reducing ferrites are used at each end to remove high frequency garbage. This combination has allowed Kimber to stream 24/192 data streams over their 5.0m USB cable with zero loss. Guaranteed to beat the pants off your standard USB cables. Highly recommended.

There are currently two types of Kimber USB cables, please make sure you select the correct one, the picture above shows the specific type of USB connector; this product has the Mini-Style USB to standard USB connector.

"I've been a Kimber customer for years and I have very high expectations for Kimber products. It was no different for the Kimber USB. I had high expectations and those expectations were more than met. Now that the Kimber USB is in my system I only hear the original recording. I can't recommend this cable enough. This cable is very inexpensive for high end audio quality. Roughly $50 for such an improvement is a no-brainer. Quit listening to interference and start listening to your favorite recordings. Trust me on this one, pick up a Kimber USB. I just know what this cable does for my system and am confident it will do the same for yours!"
– Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile

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