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NORDOST - Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable


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Nordost's Heimdall 2 headphone cable consists of 32 AWG 7/40 conductors that are individually insulated and twisted using Litz construction. Litz construction increases the pliability, as well as eliminates triboelectric noise within the cable and improves upon mechanical damping. In order to accommodate the added durability demanded from headphone cables, Nordost has included an Aramid fiber strength member to the construction of this cable. Integrating Aramid fibers into the cable design not only ensures its mechanical integrity, transferring the strain away from the cable's conductors and to the fibers themselves, but the resonating properties of aramid fibers also enhance sound quality.

To take things to the next level, the Hi-Fi+ Product of the Year Award-winning Heimdall 2 employs Nordost's proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology with extruded FEP insulation around the conductors, as well as mechanically tuned lengths, which reduce internal microphony and high-frequency impedance resonance. As a result, the Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable acts as the ideal conduit to transfer an amazingly realistic reproduction of sound from your system to your hifi headphones.

Heimdall 2 is terminated with a 4-Pin XLR at the amp end and are available with a variety of connectors on the headphone end (selectable from the menu above).

“I can hear more instruments playing and the sheer reality of the performance is spectacular; the imaging is noticeably improved and each individual player is more clearly identified."
—Neville Roberts, Hi-Fi Choice, five-star and Recommended review

"Heimdall 2 [headphone] cables yielded several worthwhile sonic improvements, including more tautly defined but no less impactful bass, an across-the-board and evenly balanced increase in resolution, and a really impressive quality of top-to-bottom harmonic integrity."  

Available terminations:
  • (2x push-pull) - Sennheiser HD800
  • (2x mini XLR) - All Audeze LCD series and Abyss AB-1266
  • (2x 2-pin) Sennheiser HD650, HD600
  • (2x SMC) HiFiMan HE400 and HE6
  • (2x 2.5mm mono) - Use with Oppo Headphones, HiFiMan HE-1000 and Sennheiser HD700
  • (1x 3-pin mini XLR) - AKG: K812, K712
  • (2x 8 Contact) - Audeze EL8 Series
  • (2x 3.5mm mono) - McIntosh MHP1000

Each cable is 2 meters long and includes two adaptors which are comprised of identical construction and technology as the headphone cable itself, and have also been cut to specific, mechanically tuned lengths. Both adaptors are terminated with a 4 pin balanced XLR female connector to connect the headphone cable to and either a 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini or a 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo phono on the opposite end.

2-meter extension cables are also available from the menu above, in the following configurations:
  • 4-Pin XLR Female to Stereo 3.5mm Male
  • 4-Pin XLR Female to Stereo 1/4" (6.3mm) Male
  • 4-Pin XLR Female to 4-Pin XLR Male
Insulation: High Performance, low dielectric FEP insulation
Construction: 7 strand Litz with Micro Mono-Filament
Conductors: 32 AWG
Material: 99.99999 % OFC
Capacitance: 10.7 pF/ft/ch
Inductance: 0.15µH/ft/ch
Propagation Delay: 80% speed of light
Connectors: Silver solder with gold contacts

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