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PS Audio Jewel Power Cable

Guaranteed to Improve the Sound of Your System

A Massive Step-Up from Stock Power Cords: Save 50% on Jewel Cables During This PS Audio Limited-Time Offer

Designed to replace all of your stock power cables, PS Audio Jewel Series offers entry-level prices for substantial increases in performance that are unparalleled at these prices. No stock power cord gives you the custom stranding, geometry, and shielding of the Jewel Series. These crucial differences translate into better performance, enhanced noise rejection, and more powerful dynamics. Exchange any of your stock power cords with Jewel, and you'll hear them immediately.

PS Audio Jewel Power Cables tout specially machined prongs, hewn from a solid billet of material. Cold and hot welding, over-molded and hermetically sealed connectors, excellent shielding, and finely stranded spirally wound conductors complete this seriously good cable design. If you're accustomed to the cords that came with your components, Jewel cords will open your eyes and ears to a new level of audio (and video) you never expected, and at a price you can easily afford.

PS Audio Jewel AC vs Stock AC Cords
We're often asked about the difference between PS Audio Jewel Power Cords and the free cables that come with your components. The primary difference is in the conductors. PS Audio Jewel Cables use a noticeably higher-quality stranded copper conductors and incredible insulation to prevent contamination from RFI/EMI and other noise. This heavier-gauge power cable allows your system to draw considerably more current on-demand from the wall or your power conditioner. 

PS Audio Jewel cables also lower distortion and deliver higher current, meaning they sound bigger and better, delivering a sharper image with greater focus. And while these cables are more expensive than the free ones that come in the box with your gear, these prices are a pittance to pay for the increase in resolution and definition. 100% Music Direct Money Back Guaranteed!

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