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PS AUDIO - PerfectWave AC-5 Power Cable


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PS Audio PerfectWave AC-5 Power Cable

Save 40% on PS Audio PerfectWave AC-5: 10-Gauge Power Cable Significantly Lowers the Noise Floor of Any Component, Features High-End Build Quality and Double Shielding

Instantly lower the noise floor of any component by connecting it with the PS Audio PerfectWave AC-5 power cable, available for a limited time at a discounted price. A durable 10-gauge cable with double shielding, multiple gauge and shaped conductors, and solid machined connectors, AC-5 is based on five patents and years of listening tests. Few high-end audio improvements can be had for such a low cost. With AC-5, you'll experience more musical refinement, dynamic power, and soundstage spaciousness while bringing breathtaking openness, quick transients, and sought-after warmth to any equipment to which it's connected. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Lowering the Noise Floor Without Magnetic Restriction
The design philosophy of the PerfectWave AC Series is based on two goals: Reduce noise without magnetic restriction and channel the fundamentals through the conductor's core. Both goals are achieved by leveraging the technology found in five patents that use cable geometry as well as conductor shapes and sizes to achieve remarkable results. AC noise, generated by every electrical appliance in your home, audibly degrades your system's performance. To lower this noise you would typically process your AC power through either a power conditioner or a regenerator. The AC power cable itself, if properly designed, can also lower AC noise. To lower the noise without using magnetics, the AC Series takes advantage of a patent involving the increased surface area of the conductor, in close proximity to a specific dielectric, to maximize capacitance and lower noise. A capacitor restricts the flow of higher frequency energy without a magnetic field and so it is ideal for lowering high-frequency noise.

All About the Fundamentals
A perfect power cable would pass only the fundamental frequency of the AC line, either 50Hz or 60Hz and nothing else. But like any wire, most all frequencies are passed down the wire with equal strength, including higher-frequency harmonics and noise, unless measures are taken to minimize this. The PerfectWave AC Series minimizes higher frequencies by maximizing conductor surface area in close contact to the dielectric insulators. Our proprietary technology comprises both flat as well as circular conductors placed together in close proximity to the dielectric. As simple as it may sound, combining the benefits of a flat conductor with multiple gauges of circular conductors woven together with a PE insulator works out to be the perfect blend of both surface area and core material. This combination provides the PerfectWave AC Series with both low noise and rich, full, and robust performance for any connected equipment.

High-Grade Conductor Materials
In the PerfectWave AC Series, the top two power cable modes, AC-12 and AC-10, are built with the purest copper in the world, Single Crystal PCOCC. It is formed as one single long grain or crystal that runs the entire length of the conductor, and created by the Ohno Continuous Casting Method wherein molten copper is forced out of the mold and very slowly draws the grain down the conductor's length, creating a single grain structure. The AC-3 and AC-5 are built with extremely Pure Oxygen Free Copper.

Better Performance Through Directionality and Connector Build Quality
All conductors in the PerfectWave AC Series are spool tested at the factory for directionality and wound into the power cables in the same direction. This attention to detail provides a remarkable coherence and special accuracy to the sound of connected equipment. Connectors are equally important. While some companies plate connectors with gold, nickel, or Palladium to improve their conductivity and enhance their appearance, no amount of plating can make up for poor build quality. PerfectWave AC Series connectors are built out of a solid block of high copper content brass, and then polished to remove any surface irregularities. AC-10 and AC-12 are gold plated, and AC-3 and AC-5 are nickel plated and polished.

The Science Behind Hot and Cold Welding
Attaching the conductors to the connectors is key to finishing the cable's construction. Traditional off-the-shelf stock power cords use a tightened steel screw to hold the conductor against the prong, which is prone to oxidation and corrosion as well as loss of connectivity due to repeated twisting of the connector. PerfectWave AC Series employs two forms of welding to fuse the conductor to the machined prong: cold and hot. Cold welding exerts thousands of pounds of pressure to squeeze the two metals together such that the metal structure of the two pieces actually fuse together. To further insure a perfect connection, PS Audio solders each of the machined prongs with high silver content solder in a hot welding technique that creates a perfect bond.

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