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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Venom HDMI Cable


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See and Hear Everything You Are Supposed to Experience from a Great HDMI Cable: Shunyata Venom Gives You 4K Resolution, Unbeatable Lifelike Images, Radiant Colors, and Clear Sound

Why spend $50 on an HDMI cable when you get one for the cost of a latte? It's a great question and one authoritatively answered by the performance, features, and construction of the Shunyata Venom HDMI cable. Compatible with all HDTV sets and able to support up to 4k resolution as well as cutting-edge 3D visuals, Venom delivers all the critical data crucial to the best image and audio reproduction you can see and hear. You'll experience it all in full – without any sacrifice in quality or signal loss. Venom HDMI acts a clear bridge between content devices like cable boxes, satellite receivers, streamers, Apple TV, game consoles, and more. It ensures you'll get everything you're supposed to get – including eye-popping images, radiant colors, dynamic sound, and lifelike action.

We know because we have run extensive tests between Venom HDMI and many other models, including more expensive cables. There's no competition: Venom HDMI outdoes them all. The results won't likely surprise anyone familiar with Shunyata's track record. Like all Shunyata products, with Venom HDMI, you get what you pay for – and then some. Hand-soldered and hand-terminated internal connections, internal shields to reject interference, and great flexibility for easy placement, all elevate Venom HDMI above every cable in its class.

Venom HDMI is also built for the future. It supports up to 10.2gHz bandwidth, Audio Return Channel (ARC), HDMI Return Channel (HRC), and next-generation bit-streams such as Dolby True HS, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD Master Audio. Venom HDMI is your gateway to incredible home-theater performance. Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Result of Two Years of R&D: An HDMI Cable with Real Differences
Up until now, there have been few discernible differences among the many brands of HDMI cables on the market. Yes, there are certainly differences in price but rarely are the more expensive products able to justify their price tag. Shunyata designer Caelin Gabriel was well aware of the poor value and performance quality within the HDMI cable field. That's why he decided to commit two years of research and development into creating a product that would radically improve the performance-to-price ratio in this category: Venom HDMI.

Internal Connections Hand-Soldered and -Terminated

Venom HDMI is another example of Shunyata Research's commitment to setting the performance bar impossibly high with its most reasonably priced cable designs. Unlike the vast majority of mass produced cables, the Venom HDMI 's internal connections are all hand-soldered and terminated. Multiple shields stretch the length of the cable for superior RFI/EMI rejection. Venom HDMI is also incredibly flexible and easy to route within even the tightest confines or complex system. No other HDMI cable product offers the material value, construction quality, or performance of Venom HDMI in its price class. Test and compare for yourself. The proof is a simple connection away.

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