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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Viper Zitron Power Cable



Shunyata Research Shunyata - Viper Zitron Power Cable


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Shunyata ZiTron Viper Power Cable

Perfect for Front-End Components and Amplifiers, the High-Current Shunyata ZiTron Viper is the Best-Sounding Power Cable Under $400, Available With 15A or 20A IEC

Extremely flexible and able to make the tightest of turns in any space, the Shunyata ZiTron Viper power cable will dramatically lower your noise floor. This massive 11-gauge cable uses the same technology as Shunyata's more expensive Sigma and Alpha cables, yet comes in a more simplified fully-shielded jacket. Now available for $200 off, ZiTron Viper is a flat-out bargain. Use ZiTron Viper into your power conditioner, and directly connected to any source or amplification component. This cable will instantly impress. Each facet of ZiTron Viper is optimized for no-compromise performance. Using Shunyata's DTCD Analysis, ZiTron Viper is compatible with all reference-caliber recording or home electronics systems. In every regard, ZiTron Viper is one of the most cost-effective reference-caliber power cables in existence.

Extreme Flexibility Makes ZiTron Viper Ideal for Even the Most Cramped Spaces
ZiTron Viper is ridiculously flexible. This supple power cord can be bent, twisted, and manipulated in any direction without a hint of strain or resistance, making it ideal for systems where tight turns and cramped connections are necessary. Viper has an extruded power PVC jacket, so it is not as large in diameter as the hollow-tube Sigma and Alpha models. And like every Shunyata product Music Direct offers, Viper comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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ZiTron Enabled: Yes
Geometry: VTX (Virtual Tube Geometry)
Conductors: CDA-101 Copper
Effective Gauge: 11AWG
Treatment: Alpha Cryogenic Process

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