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DEDICATED AUDIO - Cloverleaf C5 to IEC Adapter


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Dedicated Audio C5 to IEC Adapter

Upgrade Your Power Cable on Components That Use the Cloverleaf IEC

It seems like every time we turn around there's a new type of mini IEC power connector that attempts to limit your power cord choices. The Cloverleaf style C5 IECs that are quickly becoming standard on cable & satellite boxes have made using an upgraded power cord an impossibility...until now! The Cloverleaf adapter allows you to convert those pesky three-prong C5 mini-IECs into a standard IEC inlet, so you can use your favorite brand of power cord!

Like its sibling the IceCube, the Cloverleaf features an ultra-short signal path and is cryogenically treated for optimum conductivity.

Cryogenically treated, the Cloverleaf is taken to a temperature below -315°F over a period of at least 8 hours, 'soaked' (held) below -315°F for 24 hours, and then slowly brought back to room temperature over a period of at least 10 hours. The deep cryogenic process yields vivid color reproduction and stunning audio resolution.

Why Cryogenic processing works:
Metals and plastics respond very well to precise deep cryogenic process. The reasons are as follows. During the cooling or solidification phase of the manufacturing process, molecules are trapped in a haphazard pattern. This random placement causes obstacles for electrons and/or light when encountered. This interference can cause noise, slow down electron flow and will negatively affect the quality of electron transmission. At very cold temperatures (below -315°F), the molecules will align in a more uniform, compact structure through the removal of kinetic energy. When the material is returned to ambient temperature, this new uniform, compact pattern is maintained. This process makes a permanent change and the benefits do not deteriorate over time or upon return to operating temperature.

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