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WBT USA WBT - SILVER SOLDER (Lead Free) 42g 0.9mm Dia


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Improve Your Connections With WBT Lead-Free Silver Solder! 

What could be sexier than silver solder?  How about WBT's Lead Free Silver Solder!  With a relatively low melting temperature, great ease of use and high conductivity, this solder should be on your short list.

Diameter: 0.9mm
Melting Temp: 426°F (219°C)
Recommended Tip Temp: 491-554°F (219-255°C)
Certified to less than 0.1% Lead as a trace element
Ingredients: Sn 95.5%, Ag 3.8%, Cu 0.7%

Why Lead Free Solder?
Lead is a horrible conductor of electricity.  Although this is common knowledge, lead is frequently used in solder because it's soft, pliable, melts at a low temperature and is relatively cheap.  However, the downsides are that it's soft and pliable making it an unreliable adhesive and oh yes, by the way, lead is pretty toxic.  Lead and other substances used in manufacturing are so toxic that Europe has instituted the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) act.  Any new product to be sold in the EU must adhere to strict anti-toxic measures.  Since there are so many joints in audio components and so many of them are soldered, RoHS has hit the European audio community hard as well as any company that sells products into the European arena.  Many audio products have had to be re-engineered with new lead-free parts and with lead-free solder.  In the long run, this is great for the environment and for audiophiles; removing poor conductive materials from the signal path will enhance conductivity and improve sound quality.  In the short term, however, many manufacturers are scrambling to find answers to the dilemnas caused by RoHS.  One of these answers is WBTs Lead Free Silver Solder.  With a relatively low melting point, this solder is easy to work with, makes clean strong joints and with 3.8% silver content is a great conductor.  Most importantly, by removing a large portion of lead, it will sound better.

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