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Equipment > DAC > AudioQuest - DragonFly Black USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier with DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender
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AUDIOQUEST - DragonFly Black USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier with DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender


AudioQuest - DragonFly Black USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier with DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender WAQDFLYBLKDRAGTAILCOMBO

AUDIOQUEST - DragonFly Black USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier with DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender


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AudioQuest DragonFly Black USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier Offers Stellar Sound and Compatibility: Includes DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender Cable for Enhanced Flexibility, Connectivity

Playing music on your computer, laptop, stereo, smartphone, tablet, or powered speakers becomes exponentially better, more authoritative, and stunningly lifelike with the groundbreaking AudioQuest DragonFly Black USB DAC/headphone amplifier. Bundled with the DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender for added flexibility and connectivity, the Stereophile Recommended Component and Product of the Year, Sound & Vision Top Pick, Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product, Computer Audiophile CASH recipient, Audiostream Favorite Greatest Bit, and a product The Absolute Sound Editor Robert Harley calls "the single-most important step someone can make toward better sound," DragonFly Black sets new benchmarks for how much performance, portability, and versatility is possible at this price from an asynchronous USB DAC. Offering tremendously enhanced sound, higher value, and significantly lower power consumption than the original award-winning DragonFly for a lower cost, DragonFly Black even works with Apple and Android phones and tablets when paired with a simple adapter. Most importantly, this versatile DAC improves everything – detail, transparency, immediacy, richness, tone – associated with your music. And Black plays everything from MP3s to 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution files with spectacular simplicity and ease of use. Lest we forget, it doubles as a serious headphone amplifier and comes with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

"DragonFly Red and Black are the finest examples of everyman hi-fi to ever grace these pages. Their value quotients explode the dial."
—John Darko, DigitalAudioReview.net, Knockout Award

"[For] someone listening to the computer’s output, adding a DragonFly Black is without a doubt the greatest bang for the buck in all of audio."
—Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award

"Though clearly cut from the same cloth – the v1.2's strict balance, rhythmic intelligence and joie de vivre reveals itself in its successor – the Black makes ground on the legacy sound with more insight and dynamic impetus."
What Hi-Fi?, five-star review and Best USB DAC Under £100

"If, like me, you only very occasionally want to hook up your computer, smartphone, or tablet to some high-quality headphones or a hi-fi system, the Black is probably going to be more than adequate for your needs and offers exceptional value."
—Andrew Everard, Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product review

"Both of AudioQuest's new DragonFlys offer high value and high sound quality—and I'm more than a little excited at the prospect of the upgradability of their software. Very strongly recommended."
—Art Dudley, Stereophile

DragonFly Black: The Best Overall Under-$100 USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier Available
There's simply no better overall under-$100 DAC/headphone amp on the market than DragonFly Black. Anchored by a 32-bit ESS 9010 Sabre DAC, and boasting the same first-rate headphone amp and analog volume control as the Product of the Year Award-winning DragonFly v1.2, Black outputs 1.2 volts – enough energy to drive all preamplifier input circuits and modestly efficient ‘phones. Upgradeable and ready for future protocol developments via complimentary desktop applications, Black sounds better than any previous DragonFly, costs much less, and adds smartphone compatibility to the mix. You'll be stunned at how massive an improvement Black makes to your digital files.

DragonTail USB 2.0 Extender
AudioQuest's DragonTail is a USB 2.0 extender cable designed to be used when a USB device (such as AudioQuest's DragonFly or a flash drive) is too large to fit next to other occupied computer ports. This ingenious accessory also keeps the stress off the USB port on your host device, ensuring a safer connection, and keeping stress off the port. DragonTail is 4.4 inches from tip to tip, and its flexibility makes it safer to use USB 2.0 devices on airplanes and in other mobile environments. Built upon AudioQuest's Carbon digital cable's design, DragonTail includes solid 5% silver conductors, foamed-polyethylene insulation to maintain critical signal-pair geometry, and direct-silver plated (male) USB contacts. DragonTail's signal-carrying conductors are controlled for digital-audio directionality for more engaging sound. Like all AudioQuest products DragonTail is designed and manufactured for low distortion and best sound quality.

Apple and Android Compatibility: Simple Adapters Required for Use
DragonFly Black requires simple adapters to work with Apple and Android devices. For use with Apple iOS, you'll need Apple's Lightning-to-USB camera adapter. For Android, a Made for Android (OTG) adapter, such as the AudioQuest DragonTail USB Adapter, is required.

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