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One of the Greatest Values in the DAC Marketplace!

The VDA-2 is Channel Island Audio's latest assault on exorbitantly priced high end DACs.  Featuring a revolutionary new circuit design and Burr Brown PCM1794 DACs, the VDA-2 has all the innovation and build quality you would expect from a Reference Caliber DAC at a price that's a lot easier to swallow. Our highest recommendation! Perfect with the Wadia iTransport!

So, what's revolutionary about the VDA-2's design? 

"Traditional DAC designs use brick-wall digital filters, usually followed by more analog filtering to reduce sampling noise, but cause signal degradation in the process. Another approach has been to use no filtering at all, but this adds noise to the analog signal.  Both of these designs have their strengths and weaknesses, but neither tends to be a good trade-off.  Our design uses only a mild 'slow roll-off' digital filter to tame the sampling noise, and no analog filtering. This architecture has reduced filtering artifacts compared to brick-wall types, and lower sampling noise than filterless types, resulting in a more 'analog' sound."
Dusty Vawter, Channel Islands Audio

The signal path of the VDA-2 is very short and exceptionally clean, with digital signals being received by a low-jitter Crystal 24/192 input receiver, then fed to a Burr Brown PCM 1794 DAC.  The output stage is fully discrete (No Op-Amps), using one transistor per channel, ensuring excellent sound and robust output.

Features include switchable phase (0°/180°), dual inputs, support for both TOS-Link and Coaxial cables, signal 'lock' indicator, dual RCA outputs (or single XLR via optional VRX-1 cable to run into a balanced input), optional upgraded outboard power supply and great sound!

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Inputs: Toslink Optical, Coaxial SPDIF
Locking Frequencies: 44.1k-192k (Coaxial), 44.1k-96k (Toslink)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.1db
THD: <.02% 20Hz-20kHz
DAC Chipset: Burr Brown PCM 1794
Input Receiver: CS8416 24 bit/192k low-jitter
Output Level: 2.25vRMS (Single-ended), 4.5vRMS (Balanced)
Dimensions: 4.40'w x 2.65'h x 4.40'd
Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor

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Owner's Manual (PDF, 310 KB)

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