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iFi - Nano iOne DAC


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A Wireless (Bluetooth) and Wired (S/PDIF and USB) DAC for Any Component: Compact iFi nano iOne Features Native DSD256, DXD, and PCM, Decodes MQA, and Delivers aptX Bluetooth for iOS Devices

It seems simple enough: The iFi nano iOne DAC adds wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (S/PDIF and USB) DAC support to virtually any system for less than $200. Designed to make any music or movies you enjoy come to life with higher-fidelity sound, nano iOne can serve as an active loudspeaker or headphone amplifier DAC (via its RCA analog outputs); Bluetooth-driven DDC, USB-S/PDIF converter (via an asynchronous USB input); S/PDIF DAC (via galvanically isolated inputs); and, yes, high-resolution USB DAC compatible with native DSD256 (11.2/12.4MHz), DXD, and PCM (384kHz) from PCs and Macs. It can also decode MQA and mate with traditional home audio components as well as streamers, 4k televisions, gaming consoles, Airport Expresses, smartphones, and computers. Wired or wireless – the type of connection is up to you. Nano iOne has you covered. It even delivers authentic aptX Bluetooth for iOS devices by way of an AAC codec that bypasses Apple's incompatibility with most every other aptX component. And, of course, its Bluetooth spec means that when you stream Spotify or the like from a phone, tablet, or computer, you can experience it with considerably more detail and verve.

Equipped by a bit-perfect Burr-Brown True Native chipset, the award-winning nano iOne ensures the music signal always stays in its original format. Powered by a USB wall wart and USB cable (not supplied), it also comes with iFi's hallmark Active Noise Cancelation circuitry for the power supply, resulting in an exceptionally quiet noise floor and clean power. A Global Master Timing system blocks jitter from the source by creating a stable clock unlinked from the source clock. Nano iOne's petite size (3.94 x 2.52 x 1 inches) and insanely lightweight (0.27 pounds) form factor means you can put – or carry – it practically anywhere. There's no doubt nano iOne is the one for anyone seeking better sound from any source. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The Nano iOne's broad set of successful application is impressive. Its ability to elevate the audible performance of a Macbook Air and a Sonos Connect make it a proper everyman hifi product. Putting it over the top however is iFi's smart decision to bring iOS-equipped Bluetooth listeners in from the cold."
– John Darko, DigitalAudioReview.net, Knock-Out Award

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