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Peachtree Audio sonaDAC/sonaAMP Bundle

Complete, Balanced High-End System Is No Bigger Than Two Hardcover Books: Peachtree Audio sonaDAC/sonaAMP Bundle Delivers Great Sound, Includes 150Wpc Amplifier, Headphone Amp, More

Peachtree Audio's sonaDAC/sonaAMP bundle is a novel solution to listeners with space-challenged situations and music lovers that simply want less clutter. Novel because sonaDAC/sonaAMP play with audiophile fidelity and take up the space of roughly two hardcover books. You read that right. Weighing no more than 16 pounds total, these compact components give you a balanced system that includes a 150Wpc power amplifier, 32-bit DAC, preamplifier, built-in headphone amplifier, and 2x DSD capability. Just add a pair of speakers and you're off. Plus, you save hundreds by buying the components together! Backed by Music Direct's 100% Money-Back Guarantee, the sonaDAC/sonaAMP bundle provides high-end sound while taking up hardly any room.

Three-In-One sonaDAC Supports High-Res 32-Bit/384kHz PCM, 2x DSD
Peachtree Audio's stunning three-in-one sonaDAC fits a DAC, preamplifier, and noise-free headphone amplifier into a high-end component that's no bigger than the size of a book. How's that for compact performance? SonaDAC includes a 32-bit ESS 9018 Sabre Reference DAC that supports high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz PCM and 2x DSD. A balanced design with discrete components, independent signal paths, and a volume-control bypass for streaming, sonaDAC can drive any power amplifier or powered speakers via its XLR or RCA outputs. Any way you slice it, this 8.5-pound flyweight crushes heavier, costlier components with versatility and natural, distortion-free sound.

Drive Practically Any Speaker With 150Wpc sonaAMP
Devised and assembled in the USA, Peachtree Audio's hardcover-book-sized sonaAMP power amplifier fits practically anywhere without compromising on performance. Delivering a powerful 150 watts per channel that effortlessly drives any speaker with impedances as low as 2.5Ω and as high as 16Ω, the balanced sonaAMP delivers sound that belies its compact form. Weighing only 7.5 pounds, sonaAMP is designed to give you high-end audio in any space you desire, from the smallest studios to bedrooms and everything in between. SonaAMP also is a perfect fit for modern settings that demand a clutter-free appearance.

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