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Tremendous CD Playback, Delta Sigma 32-Bit DAC, and 192kHz Upsampling Turn the Musical Fidelity M6SCD CD Player Into a Serious Digital Hub: Features World-Class Technical Specs

Bolstered with an eight-times-oversampling Delta Sigma 32-bit DAC and five digital inputs, the Musical Fidelity M6SCD serves as both a tremendous-sounding CD player and a digital hub with 192kHz upsampling. Able to also be used as a terrific standalone DAC, M6SCD offers outstanding playback marked by extremely low jitter, hyper-accurate disc readability via its cutting-edge loading mechanism, and world-class technical performance-ranging from 10Hz-20kHz frequency response, more than 117dB signal-to-noise ratio, and less than 0.1dB linearity. A host of outputs and our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee round out a component overbuilt to satisfyingly serve years and years into the future.

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Jitter: <135 picoseconds peak to peak
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20 kHz -0.2dB max.
Signal to Noise Ratio: >117dB
THD(+ noise): <0.003% 10Hz to 20 kHz
Linearity: <0.1dB down to -96dB
Channel Separation: 105dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
DAC: 32 bit Delta-Sigma (bit stream) dual differential 8x over-sampling
    1x line level RCA
    1x line level Balanced XLR
    1x RCA coaxial connector (Digital SPDIF)
    1x Toslink optical connector (Digital SPDIF)
    2x RCA coaxial connector (SPDIF)
    2x TOSLINK optical connector(SPDIF)
    1x USB input type "B"
Dimensions (WHD): 17.3" x 4.9" x 15.2"
Weight: 24.7 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 431 KB)

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