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PS AUDIO - DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) CD/SACD Transport

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CD Sound on the Level of High-Resolution PCM and DSD: PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) Universal Transport Features Advanced Digital Lens, I2S Interface

Play almost any disc on the PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) universal transport. Then, prepare to hear dimensionality, imaging, soundstaging, full-scale dynamics, balances, and low-level harmonics associated with ultra-high-res PCM and DSD. Engineered to be the last universal transport you purchase, the 20-pound DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) makes it happen. Providing external access to the pure DSD layer on SACD, and designed with an I2S interface that links with DirectStream DACs, the data-extracting DMP universal transport is a phenomenal breakthrough and a Hi-Fi+ Product of the Year Award-winner.

Capable of playing SACD, CD, DVD-Audio, AVCHD, HRx, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R DL, BD-R/RE, as well as stored data through its USB digital input, DMP touts a secret weapon in the form of an advanced Digital Lens. The Lens, first invented in 1993 by PS Audio's Paul McGowan and Bob Stadtherr, electrically isolates the mechanical transport/laser mechanism of optical disc readers, improves audio quality to reference-setting degrees, and focuses audio data into a single, bit-perfect, timing-perfected stream to your DAC. With DMP, CD performance is enhanced to a level once thought unobtainable, narrowing the gap between Red Book CD and high-resolution PCM and DSD. Ordinary CDs take on new life, with improved dimensionality, soundstage width and depth, upgraded dynamics (both micro and macro), increased low level harmonic information, and richer tonal balance.

DMP also opens the long-restricted DSD layer of SACD to PS Audio DACs. Through a unique code-handshake, DMP delivers the raw DSD layer of copyright-protected SACD directly into your PS Audio DAC. For the first time, you'll uncover the wealth of audio's finest digital medium, DSD, and hear exactly what the mastering engineers who created these discs have enjoyed all along. You really need to experience DMP for yourself to hear what it does. Arrange a risk-free in-home audition today. You have the security of our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

“Played through the DMP and the DirectStream DAC, my CDs sound better than i thought possible.”
—Robert Deutsch, Stereophile, October 2017

“If you’ve bought into streaming source components in a big way, you may find PS Audio’s DirectStream Memory Player will force you to reconsider the sonic merits of disc-based music playback. Streaming sources can be very, very good, but in many cases and in many ways, the DirectStream Memory Player often proves to be that extra ‘Nth degree’ better, in the process helping music to sound more vivid, emotionally rich, and alive.”

“Unless you’re going to drop six figures on a dCS Vivaldi or an Esoteric Grandioso, I can’t think of a better digital disc player than the PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player and DAC.”
—Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio, Product of the Year Award

PS Audio Digital Lens Solves Timing, Noise, and Isolation Issues
At the heart of DMP is an advanced version of core PS Audio technology, the Digital Lens. Invented in 1993 by PS Audio founder Paul McGowan and chief engineer, Bob Stadtherr, the Digital Lens focuses digital data into a perfect stream, unaffected by the transport's mechanical and electrical properties. In digital audio, timing is everything. Jitter, noise, and a lack of isolation have major impacts on sound quality, especially affecting media such as CD. DMP's advanced Digital Lens technology solves timing, noise, and isolation problems through a unique combination of buffer memory and FPGA based digital processing. DMP's advanced Digital Lens and low-jitter fixed clock perfectly focuses the isolated datastream to the I²S, coax, or AES/EBU outputs, directly to your DAC. The results of this fine, perfectly timed data stream must be heard to fully appreciate its full implications.

Superior Data Delivery: I2S Through the HDMI Output
There are three ways to get digital audio data out of the DMP: S/PDIF, AES/EBU, or I2S HDMI. I2S is the preferred method if you have a PS Audio DAC or any manufacturer's DAC that can receive it. Three such I²S interface are provided, allowing for six-channel high resolution audio to be streamed from DMP. S/PDIF (and AES/EBU) are the standard delivery methods found on all transports and, while excellent, remain a compromised format. Standard digital outputs take three separate internal clocks along with the raw music data and combine them into one stream to the DAC. This mashup of music and clocks causes the audio to sound flat and harsh compared to I2S. A much better way of delivering the music is what I2S does, by transferring the clocks and data on separate wires within the HDMI cable, and the audible results are impressive. Simply use any HDMI cable between the DMP and appropriate DAC and you are transferring data perfectly, through I2S. A growing number of DACS and devices are adopting the PS Audio HDMI standard for digital audio transmission because of its superior audio quality.

See Cover Art and Song Titles
DMP enjoys a new user interface that includes song titles and tracks that can be read from a distance. Album art can be automatically downloaded when DMP is connected to the Internet. Every time you play a disc (and are connected to the internet) a copy of the cover art and song titles are kept for you on your own private library page accessed through the PS Audio website. From your personal page, it is a simple matter to correct any of the CD's information, change cover art, and polish your CD collection.

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