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Elevate Your Musical Experience with the Best-Selling Cable Supports on the Market: Award-Winning Cable Elevators Improve Dynamics, Focus, Detail, and More

Get your cables off the floor and improve the performance of your system with Cable Elevators. Use them to support long runs of interconnects, power cords and speaker cables for huge improvements in detail, focus and dynamics. Creating an instantly noticeable and undeniable audible improvement, Cable Elevators are one of our all-time, best-selling, most effective accessories we sell. We recommend using one for every two-to-three feet of cable that is on your floor. Try a few in your system and hear the amazing difference! 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Dimensions: Each Cable Elevator is approximately 4 and 7/8 inches in diameter and four inches tall, and weighs approximately three pounds.

"The damn things do lower noise, increase dynamics, remove haze, and open up the top octaves. Once you listen to their effects, even a skeptic like me has to admit that it is hard to take them back out of the system. Music sounds more like music with the Cable Elevators in place. I recommend them strongly, especially given their price!"
– Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award

What Are Cable Elevators?
Cable Elevators are designed to suspend cables eliminating interference from boundaries. Produced by a leading manufacturer of porcelain isolators, Cable Elevators are coated with a non-conductive glaze to reduce noise and affixed with a special non-slip foot for added stability when used with today's heavier cables.

How Do Cable Elevators Work?
Regardless of make or model, all cables create some form of electrical field around them.  In free air, the field is a roughly cylindrical shape around the girth of the cable.  However, when cables are placed on a boundary, such as a floor, the field becomes compressed, distorting the signal. Cable Elevators restore this field by raising the cable up, allowing the cable to deliver an undistorted signal. Cable Elevators are electrically inert, so they won't cause phase issues and because of their physical mass, Cable Elevators are able to provide a small measure of resonance damping on longer runs.

What Will I Hear?
Unlike some audiophile tweaks which require "golden ears" to appreciate or a "magic decoder ring" to use, Cable Elevators are easy to use, require no burn-in time and have an immediate effect on the system. Even in a modest system, the first and most noticeable improvement is in the midrange; it's as if the system took a decongestant.  Improvements in midrange clarity, bloom, presence, smoothness and coherency are instantly noticeable. After the shock of this improvement settles in, the next most noticeable improvement is in the treble, with greater air, extension, space and sweetness.  Bass also becomes tauter, tighter, deeper and more defined. Imaging and soundstaging are also greatly improved, revealing more depth and nuance from every recording.

How Many Do I Need?
How many cables in your system touch the floor, how far do they run on the floor, how heavy or light are they? The easiest answer is, we recommend using one Cable Elevator for every two-to-three feet a cable runs on the floor. Thus, a six-foot pair of speaker wire with four feet on the floor would require two Cable Elevators per side. If you have questions about how to use Cable Elevators or would like advice on a particular system configuration, please don't hesitate to call us!

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