Fosgate - Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter **OPEN BOX**

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Fosgate - Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter **OPEN BOX**

Fosgate - Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter **OPEN BOX**

Now $320.00
Was $400.00
Save $80.00 (20%)
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The Improved Fosgate Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter: An Invaluable Tool To Optimize Phono Cartridge Azimuth To Get the Best Sound from Your System

The innovative Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter makes a previously difficult task much, much easier. This is a unique tool to optimize your phono cartridge azimuth in order to get the best sound from your system. The new V2 model features higher sensitivity, greater accuracy, a new analog meter, and the option to use an outboard power supply, as well as a 9-volt battery.

Phono cartridge azimuth is a key parameter for getting the best stereo imaging and soundstaging. To achieve the best performance, your phono cartridge's azimuth must be calibrated. Nowadays, Line Contact and Micro Line styli have a very small groove contact area, as compared to elliptical styli, and thus require finer adjustment. Correct azimuth alignment assures the highest channel separation and best channel balance, providing outstanding sound and imaging. The goal, of course, is to maximize the enjoyment you get from your vinyl collection.

Prior to the Fozgometer, one had to "eyeball" or use an oscilloscope, AC voltmeter, and/or computer program, — all methods that can be complicated and time-consuming. The original Fozgometer was introduced in 2010 and won acclaim throughout the industry. The new V2 represents a big step forward, and it continues the tradition of Musical Surroundings providing the best of everything analog since 1991.

The Fozgometer V2 is small, convenient, and easy to operate. It can be plugged into the wall or powered with a 9-volt battery. The Fozgometer is used in conjunction with The Ultimate Analogue Test LP by Analogue Productions (which is also available from Music Direct). Using the portable Fozgometer and the LP, you can quickly and accurately measure channel separation, channel balance, and signal direction.

The Fozgometer incorporates a sensitive "Log Ratio Detector," originally developed by Jim "Foz" Fosgate for surround processor steering logic circuits. The Fozgometer V2 is the best tool of its kind, and has been meticulously engineered to measure cartridge azimuth with a high degree of accuracy.

The readings can be made with a wide range of input signals: directly from the tonearm cables, from the output of a phono stage, or from a tape output, all without affecting accuracy. Readings are taken without touching the meter, which means your hands will be free to adjust the tonearm. The meter reads channel separation in both directions, and channel balance. The LEDs indicate Left, Center, and Right signal (test tone) positions.

Like all Music Direct products, the Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter comes with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"[The] Fozgometer V2 is a convenient and seemingly accurate device that's easy to recommend for setting azimuth. Making house calls—helping friends with their turntable issues—will be much easier thanks to the Fozgometer V2. It beats having to shlep around the oscilloscope, a computer, and an oscilloscope-probe-to-RCA/XLR interface. Every audio club should have a Fozgometer V2 available for members to use...."
—Michael Fremer, Stereophile

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