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IsoAcoustics - F1 Speaker Jack

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IsoAcoustics - F1 Speaker Jack

IsoAcoustics - F1 Speaker Jack

Price $499.99
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Install IsoAcoustics GAIA and GAIA-TITAN Speaker Isolators without Hassle: Custom F1 Jack Raises the Side of Your Speakers, Allowing Easy Underneath Access and Leverage

Hesitating to invest in critically acclaimed, customer-approved, and award-winning IsoAcoustics GAIA and GAIA-TITAN speaker isolators because of the potential hassle involved with installation? Simply get the IsoAcoustics F1 Speaker Jack, a tool custom-designed to raise the side of your speaker to allow easy underneath access for quick, failsafe isolation. F1 Speaker Jack's overall square shape means your speaker will remain in the raised position while its handle remains flat on the floor. It also means no more worrying about having to handle 100-pound-plus speakers. F1 Speaker Jack does the heavy lifting for you.

Comprised of three parts – a floor plate that protects your flooring an provides a smooth surface for rolling the F1 Jack on any surface, including carpet; a two-part stainless-steel handle for leverage to lift even the heaviest speakers; and a stainless-steel frame for sensible physics – F1 Speaker Jack comes complete with a study carrying case complete with handle. Simple-to-follow instructions are included and also available online.

Now, there's no excuse not to hear the dramatic differences made by GAIA. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

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