Shunyata - DFSS Dark Field Suspension System (3-Pack)

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Shunyata - DFSS Dark Field Suspension System (3-Pack)

Shunyata - DFSS Dark Field Suspension System (3-Pack)

Price $450.00
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Shunyata Dark Field Suspension System (DFSS) Quiets Energy Transfer for Improved Sound: Dual-Band Cable-Suspension Bridge Leads to Increased Clarity, Depth, and Openness

Utilized in studios and audio systems all over the world and sold in sets of three, the Shunyata Dark Field Suspension System (DFSS) cable-isolation device features a dual-band cable suspension bridge that supports any cable while dissipating energy through tensioned polymer bands. The base is filled with an energy-absorbing granular compound that absorbs energy which would otherwise enter the cable and cause signal degradation. Using DFSS will improve the performance of any system, delivering greater clarity, depth, and spatial information..

From a technical perspective, DFSS takes the patented technology Shunyata designer Caelin Gabriel applied in the original Dark Field Elevators to an elite performance level by adding two important design innovations. In addition to the patented energy-field neutralization material used in the original DFE, DFSS incorporates two forms of vibration isolation that quiets energy transfer between the floor and any cable product.

The most significant advance applied to the DFSS is the dual-band cable-suspension bridge, designed to support any cable (power or signal) while dissipating vibrational energy through the purposefully tensioned polymer bands. The second innovation is the energy-absorbing granular compound that fills the base of the DFSS. This compound formulation absorbs floorborne energy that would otherwise couple to the cable, causing signal degradation.

The difference in performance DFSS renders is dramatic and easy to appreciate when applied to literally any high-performance audio or video system. Try a set risk-free in your own home with the security of our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"The trio of DF-SS 'Dark Field Suspension System' cable elevators act like a little suspension bridge for your Omega QR-s, with the cable resting on a stretchy black polymer between the two towers of each riser. The riser itself is made of a hard black polymer, is mass loaded (you can hear the contents move if you shake it) and has a little set of adhesive feet to stop it from sliding around on a hard floor. The idea is the cable never touches the floor, thereby keeping ground-based vibrational energy at bay. Given the proximity of power cords and speaker cables to loudspeakers and the vibrations loudspeakers can put into the floor around them, this sounds like a sensible idea."
—Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

  • Static-Neutralizing Polymer
  • Vibration Absorbing Compound (Internal)
  • Polymer Cable Suspension Bridge
  • Vibration Absorbing Feet for Hard Surface Floors
  • Patented Design
  • Wide Foundation (Will Not Tip or Fall)
  • Unequaled Shunyata Build Quality
  • Sold in sets of 3
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