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ACOUSTIC REVIVE - RR-888 Ultra Low Frequency Generator


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The RR-888 is just the thing to breathe new life into your system. Radio frequencies and EMI are constantly bombarding your system, your room and your body. Acoustic Revive's theory is that generating extremely low frequency pulses of energy in your room will clear the air, in the same way that a major thunderstorm creates great peace outside. 

The Schumann Resonance
Acoustic Revive
devised the RR-888 to produce a pulse at an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) called the Schumann Resonance. This ultra-low frequency (7.83Hz) is also naturally occurring, being the lowest of the frequencies generated by a lightning strike. The RR-888 is nowhere near as powerful, but generates the same pulse and has the same effect albeit in a smaller radius. After only a few minutes of being on, the air in the room feels less heavy, more pliant and the sound of the system takes on a smoother, easier character.

Not a Subwoofer
The RR-888 is completely unconventional both in appearance and use. Although the RR-888 generates an ELF, the Schumann Resonance should not be thought of as an audio signal such as a subwoofer might generate. The RR-888 generates a low-frequency pulse and thus need not be very large or very heavy; in fact, we were surprised by just how small and light the RR-888 is. Surprisingly, during their research Acoustic Revive tested many different chassis types and found that extra mass hampered the RR-888's ability to properly generate the Schumann Resonance! This is one case where the audiophile maxim of "buying by the pound" is proven untrue.

Acoustic Revive recommends placing the RR-888 at a height of approximately 5ft (1.5m) to maximize dispersion throughout your room and the RR-888 should not be plugged into the same AC outlets as your system. Multiple RR-888s may be used in large rooms, but care should be used in placement to ensure they are not near each other.

After reading up on the Schumann Resonance, we're not sure whether it treats you, your room or your system, but what we do know is that the RR-888 works and the improvement is not subtle. Highly Recommended!

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