Icon Audio - Stereo 300 MkII Tube Integrated Amplifier **OPEN BOX**

Equipment Amplification Integrated Amp
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Icon Audio - Stereo 300 MkII Tube Integrated Amplifier **OPEN BOX**

Icon Audio - Stereo 300 MkII Tube Integrated Amplifier **OPEN BOX**

Now $4,999.00
Was $7,999.00
Save $3000.00 (38%)
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Based on the Iconic Western Electric 300B Output Valve: Point-to-Point Hand-Wired Icon Audio Stereo 300 MkII Tube Integrated Amplifier Plays with See-Through Transparency and Beautiful Musicality

Created in the 1930s, Western Electric's 300B tube quickly became legendary for its ability to convey sound with see-through transparency, practically zero distortion, exceptional linearity, and beautiful simplicity. Seizing upon its iconic sonic prowess, Icon Audio has crafted the 30Wpc Stereo 300 MkII tube integrated amplifier around this very directly heated valve. The result: A point-to-point hand-wired component that offers listeners the kind of sumptuous midrange, pristine detail, and boundary-defying soundstaging that are often limited to the stuff of dreams.

Ideal for efficient large speakers, Stereo 300 MkII epitomizes what many dedicated listeners know as "tube magic." Replete with the advanced circuitry the four output 300Bs require and stacked with four relaxed, best-in-class 6SN7 double-triode tubes in Cascode mode to provide the critical high-definition drive circuitry, the British-designed unit provides seamlessly smooth results from any input source. Indeed, Stereo 300 MkII plays music with an unvarnished honesty that will truly reveal what's on your recordings and mask none of the potential deficiencies. In other words, it is an audiophile's treasure.

True to its take-no-shortcuts heritage, Icon Audio built Stereo 300 MkII with an uncompromising array of parts. A massive choke-regulated power supply, SCR caps, silver-plated PTFE cabling, tertiary winding output transformers, and gold-plated input and speaker terminals complement an "easy bias" meter that lets you see that the 300Bs are performing at their optimum anytime you want – and gives you a security check on whether or not you're approaching the maximum available power. You can also vary input sensibility by changing the feedback, ideal for pairing with a separate preamplifier.

Factor in a remote control, Icon Audio's two-year manufacturer warranty and stellar customer support, and our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee, and Stereo 300 MkII becomes that much more irresistible. If you've always wondered how the warmth, definition, and musicality of tubes would sound in your home, now's the time to stop thinking and start doing.

Remote control: HQ ALPS motorized volume pot
Output power: 30W 8Ω
   4x 300B output valve (AC heated)
   4x 6SN7 (CV181) double triode
Signal to noise level: -85db
Freq resp: 20 – 20kHz -0.2 to –0.5dB (8w 6.25dB FB)
   1W: < 0.05% 1khz
   8W: < 0.2% 1khz
Switchable gain control: 140mV, 300mV, 790mV
Channel balance: typically within 0.2dB
Dimensions (WDH): 15" x 13" x 9.1"
Weight: 57.3 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 320 KB)

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