Parasound - A 52+ 5-Channel Power Amplifier (Black)

Equipment Amplification Power Amp
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Parasound - A 52+ 5-Channel Power Amplifier (Black)

Parasound - A 52+ 5-Channel Power Amplifier (Black)

Now $2,749.00
Was $3,199.00
Save $450.00 (14%)
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180Wpc RMS for Multichannel, 225Wpc RMS for Stereo: Parasound A 52+ Five-Channel Amplifier Elevates Movies and Music to Vivid Heights, Features Class A/AB Circuitry

High-resolution music in stereo or a blockbuster film in vibrant surround sound? With the Parasound A 52+ five-channel amplifier, you can have both anytime you desire. Offering 180Wpc RMS into eight ohms for multichannel and 225Wpc RMS for stereo, the versatile A 52+ provides plenty of high-grade power to drive your system. Legendary designer John Curl engineered the Class A/AB circuitry, while direct-coupled topology ensures no capacitors or inductors are in the precious signal path. What's more, full power on A 52+ is rated down to 5Hz, which translates into stellar low-end responsiveness. As for its operation? Stunningly quiet, with THD at less than 0.05% at full power – and less at typical listening levels.

Bolstered by a 1.5kVA encapsulated toroidal transformer with independent secondary windings for each channel, A 52+ brings much of the hallmark technology and parts found in Parasound's music-dedicated components to this entertainment marvel. Consider: Hand-matched JFETs for the input stage, hand-matched MOSFETs for the driver stage, and 15 beta-matched 15A/60MHz bipolar output transistors. In addition, 100,000uF power supply filter capacitance and DC servo and relay protection circuits come standard. As does auto-turn via audio signal or 12V trigger.

On the rear panel of the rack-mountable chassis, five balanced XLR inputs abet five RCA inputs and five pairs of heavy-duty 24k gold-plated, five-way speaker terminals. Measuring 5.9 x 17.25 x 20 inches (HWD) and tipping the scales at 55 pounds, A 52+ provides the dynamics, thrills, headroom, soundstaging, and spaciousness movies, music, and live programming requires to come alive. 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"The Halo A 52+ provided all the power that my speakers could handle, and did so with aplomb. The soundstage was consistent with no blurring of indi­vidual voices or instrumental details. The new Parasound showed its superiority in more graceful smoothness in the upper midrange and treble, and low bass that seemed better integrated with the upper bass."

"Listening with the Halo A 52+ in my system was a pleasure. Parasound's new five-channel amp delivers clear, dynamic sound and has plenty of headroom to handle the explosive effects in movie soundtracks. Stereo and multichannel music also sounded great with the A 52+, making it a versatile all-around performer for entry-level and advanced home theaters alike."
– Al Griffin, Sound & Vision

"If you are pursuing a cost-effective multi-channel amplifier, the A 52+ is a trust-worthy great value five-channel amplifier that worth having!"
HiFi Review (Hong Kong)

Power Output - All 5 Channels Driven:
   180 watts x 5, 8 Ω
   255 watts x 5, 4 Ω
Power Output - 2 Channels Driven:
   225 watts x 2, 8 Ω
   350 watts x 2, 4 Ω
Power measurements parameters with 120VAC: 0.05% THD, RMS continuous power, full audio band (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Current Capacity: 45 amperes peak, per channel
Dynamic Headroom: >1.5dB
Slew Rate: > 130 volts per microsecond
Frequency Response:
   5 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB
   20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.3 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):
   < 0.05 % at full power
   < 0.03 % at typical listening levels
IM Distortion: < 0.04 %
TIM: Unmeasurable
Interchannel Crosstalk:
   > 78 dB at 1 kHz
   > 63 dB at 20 kHz
Input Impedance:
   Unbalanced: 47 kΩ
   Balanced: 94 kΩ, 47 kΩ per leg
Input Sensitivity for 28.28 V Output into 8 Ω:
   Unbalanced: 1 V
   Balanced: 1 V per leg
   Total Gain: 29 dB
S/N Ratio:
   > 112 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted
   > 102 dB, input shorted, unweighted
Damping Factor: > 1100 at 20 Hz
DC Trigger Requirements: +9 Vdc to +12 Vdc, 5 mA
Audio Trigger Requirements: 2 mV - 10 mV
XLR Pin Identification:
   1 = Ground (Shield)
   2 = Positive
   3 = Negative (Return)
Power Requirement:
   Standby: 1 Watt
   Idle: 125 Watts
   Maximum: 1500 Watts
Dimensions (WHD): 17-1/4" x 5-1/4" x 20"
Weight: 55 lbs.
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