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AUDIOQUEST - Sidewinder Interconnects


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AudioQuest Sidewinder Interconnect

A Supremely Musical Cable at an Incredible Price

AudioQuest's Sidewinder is the rare, affordable high-end cable that delivers way more performance than it ought to at this price. A coherent blend of solid-core conductors, excellent shielding and solid construction Sidewinder delivers truly high-end performance at a price that won't burst your bank account.

Sonically, Sidewinder is a warm, rich cable with excellent midrange resolution and a silky soft top end. Bass is solid and controlled with good extension and power. Imaging is surprisingly deep and wide with a view into the soundstage that's unheard of in a cable at this price point.

Sidewinder is a coaxially designed cable, meaning the center conductor carries the analog signal while there is a 100% shield encircling this conductor. AudioQuest has used an unusual and highly effective shielding method for Sidewinder. Most coaxial designs use their shields as the negative, whereas Sidewinder's full foil shield is actually grounded by a second bare conductor the same size as the positive conductor which runs the length of the cable. This is important because it provides Sidewinder with a very strong ground path, minimizing external interference and greatly lowering the noise floor.

Solid Core Conductors
Sidewinder, like virtually all of AQ's cables, uses solid-core conductors for the analog pathway. Solid-core conductors are more efficient at transmitting small signals than stranded cables and are also vastly lower in distortion, a difference that is clearly audible from the first instant; the system sounds like someone turned up the volume! This efficiency also translates to more music coming through, plug in a Sidewinder and hear things in your music you've never heard before.

Long Grain Copper (LGC)
All copper conductors have a grain structure, a "Long Grain" conductor has fewer fractures in the copper so the electrical signal doesn't have to jump across as many grains to get from one end of the cable to the other. LGC is AudioQuest's proprietary blend of high-purity copper which is drawn very slowly to create this "long grain" structure and the difference is audible in the smoothness of the top octave, the sweetness in the mid-band and the rock-solid depth and power of the bass. No OFC or OFHC cable can compete with Sidewinder's LGC conductors.

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