AudioQuest - NRG Dragon Source Power Cable (15 Amp)

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AudioQuest - NRG Dragon Source Power Cable (15 Amp)

AudioQuest - NRG Dragon Source Power Cable (15 Amp)

Price $4,500.00
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Mythical-Like Levels of Precedent-Setting Performance: AudioQuest Dragon 15-Amp Source Power Cable Drastically Reduces Noise and Distortion, Plays with Startling Clarity and Purity

It doesn't breathe fire, but AudioQuest's Dragon 15-amp source power cable offers mythical-like levels of performance on par with the magic in "Game of Thrones." The Absolute Sound Product of the Year Award-winning Dragon features patented ground noise-dissipation technology, zero characteristic impedance (50Hz to 1MHz), a patented 72VDC Dielectric Bias System, and directionally controlled conductors. Built to exacting standards in the U.S.A., Dragon is made with Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) and Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors for precedent-setting sound and operation from your source components. If you've invested in state-of-the-art gear, optimize its full potential with Dragon. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

“Every listening session with familiar recordings is a revelation… Any smart dealer would make a money-back offer, because the cords probably won’t be coming back.”
—Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“In my view, these are very much the best of the power products that AudioQuest makes.”
—Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, Product of the Year Award

High-Purity Conductors
A carefully finessed combination of solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) and solid Perfect-Surface Copper + (PSC+) conductors prevent strand interaction, a major source of ear fatiguing transient intermodulation distortion. The astonishingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface Copper+ eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other premium coppers. Extremely high-purity Perfect-Surface Silver further minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which exist within any metal conductor.

Ground Noise-Dissipation Technology
AC Ground wires provide protection from current-wiring faults, but they also act as antennas. Thus, they are subject to induced radio frequency (RF) noise. This RF noise bypasses component power supplies and is typically coupled directly into a system's most sensitive audio-video circuits. AudioQuest's patented Ground-Noise Dissipation greatly reduces this distortion, yielding unprecedented levels of noise dissipation across the widest bandwidth (range) of radio frequencies possible. Our unique circuit-topology utilizes a common-mode phase-cancelling array, in concert with proprietary dielectric materials which provide additional differential linear filtering.

Dielectric-Bias System (DBS; US Pat #7,126,055)
By creating a constant dielectric field for the cable's primary capacitance field or dielectric, DBS assures extended bandwidth and more evenly filtered noise dissipation, eliminating the distortions and ringing that plague other cables even after years of use and so called "run-in time." In addition, DBS assures that the RF Noise-Dissipation System works as linearly as possible.

Controlled for Correct Directionality
All drawn metal strands or conductors have a non-symmetrical, and therefore directional, grain structure. AudioQuest controls the resulting RF impedance variation so that noise is drained away from where it will cause distortion.

Note: AudioQuest Dragon/Source AC power cable is not appropriate for use with AC power conditioners, power regenerators, AC isolation transformers, AC battery back-up devices, as well as any power amplifier, powered sub-woofer, powered loudspeaker, powered receiver, or integrated amplifier (whether tube, solid state or digital switching). These products will require greater RMS and transient current capacity. In extreme instances, they could suffer diminished performance and/or present an electrical danger by exceeding the AudioQuest Dragon/Source AC power cable's maximum current capacity. For those applications, we highly recommend the AudioQuest Dragon/High-Current AC power cable.

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