Shunyata - Alpha Ethernet Cable (1.5m)

Equipment Cable
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Shunyata - Alpha Ethernet Cable (1.5m)

Shunyata - Alpha Ethernet Cable (1.5m)

Price $1,250.00
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Hear Analog-Like Sound from Digital Devices, Reap the Benefits of Proprietary Engineering: Shunyata Alpha Ethernet Cable Features Common-Mode Filter Technology and Precision Matched Z Conductors

Analog-like sound from digital devices: That's just one of the specialties of the Shunyata Alpha Ethernet cable, complete with custom-made common-mode filter technology that eliminates high-frequency noise shared between digital electronics and the area surrounding them. Adding no impedance of its own, the filter produces sonics distinguished with analog ease, palpable background silence, and natural musicality.

Alpha Ethernet's stellar performance at high speeds also owes to a meticulous manufacturing process in which extrusion and braiding machines are run at one-quarter their normal pace. Termed Precision Matched Z (PMZ) conductors, the technique virtually banishes the micro-distortions inherent to high-speed signal transmission via traditionally extruded conductors. The costly, painstaking, and precision-based approach results in exceptional timing, clarity, purity, and dynamics – ensuring you hear much more of what you deserve to experience.

Engineered with Shunyata's proven scientific methods, Alpha Ethernet also arrives treated with the company's proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP) – a breakthrough method that eliminates the need for break-in time and improves the characteristic performance of all power cabling. KPIP proves especially effective on high-speed signal conductors since the latter are more prone to degradation and noise within conductors.

If you've never tried an Ethernet cable upgrade, or heard what a Shunyata product can do for your system, we highly encourage you to try Alpha Ethernet in your own home with a risk-free audition. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee says you'll love the results.

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