Shunyata - Delta v2 NR Noise Reducing Power Cable (15 Amp)

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Shunyata - Delta v2 NR Noise Reducing Power Cable (15 Amp)

Shunyata - Delta v2 NR Noise Reducing Power Cable (15 Amp)

Price $1,500.00
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One-Stop Upgrade Drastically Boosts the Performance of Front-End Components: Shunyata Delta v2 NR Power Cable (15A) Delivers Dynamic, Tonal, Textural, and Timing Improvements

Featuring several serious material and technology enhancements over its predecessor, the Shunyata Delta v2 NR power cable ostensibly serves as a one-stop upgrade that will make your amplifier, preamplifier, or source component sound revitalized and reenergized. You will experience more detail, harmonic depth, and tonal subtlety when listening to music with Delta v2 NR in your setup. In addition, its use of VTX-Ag conductors results in significant improvements in dynamics, accuracy, and low-level resolution while preserving the textural and timbral signatures that bring music to life. Next to the competition, Delta v2 NR also delivers more precise, time-correct presentations distinguished with an authoritative low end, pronounced contrasts, and transparent soundstages. And you won't have to wait hours for it all to happen. It arrives ready to operate at optimum level right out of the box.

Speaking to its "NR" (noise-reducing) designation, the cable's onboard CCI noise-reduction filters simultaneously help defeat both analog and digital noise – and provide power conditioning to the piece of gear to which Delta v2 NR is connected. These v2 broadband filters filter lower in frequency than the original NR filters and are tuned to filter out specific frequencies of noise common to all component power-supply emissions. You'll hear notice increased three-dimensional imaging and greater access to extreme low-level details. Equally important, the U.S.A.-made cable also touts Shunyata's Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP) – a groundbreaking conditioning process that eliminates the need for time-consuming burn-in on your end but elevates the overall fidelity of your system.

Sharing much of the same construction found in its sibling Alpha v2 NR and Sigma v2 NR models, and in line with the performance of the original Alpha model, Delta v2 NR cables are comprised of a ultra-pure OFE copper tube with a pure silver conductor at the center of the hollow core – all woven into 10-gauge VTX-Ag conductors linked to CopperCONN connectors. The latter contain pure copper contacts that claim higher conductivity principles than the common plated brass and bronze contacts found in almost every other cable at this cost. STIS terminals, advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics, and sonic welding that mitigates junction points round out a cable whose noise-reduction capabilities can be measured. Select the length you require from our drop-down menu above and hear the differences for yourself with a risk-free in-home audition backed by our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"Shunyata Research's excellent Delta NR v2 really ticks all the boxes. It cuts through power line noise like a cleaver yet works on fine detail like a surgeon's scalpel, but never once leaving the music sounding anything other than really enjoyably musical. An excellent choice."
—Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

"If you use a traditional analog amplifier, or any source component, installing one of these might just allow you to postpone that upgrade that's been keeping you awake at nigh – we all know that feeling. This is not a cure for upgraditis, but it might just take away the craving."
—Chris Kelly, The Ear

Advanced Noise Reduction

Noise is an insidious problem that originates from many sources, including audio components themselves. Shunyata Research power cords employ proprietary internal noise reduction filters that intercept noise,preventing it from propagating to other components.NR filters are specifically engineered to be non-reactive and compatible with all power supply designs including high-power amplifiers. This multi-element, wide-bandwidth noise-reduction technology was developed by Shunyata Research's medical division, Clear Image Scientific, to improve the performance of medical imaging systems in cardiology and neurosurgery.

CopperCONN Connectors

Shunyata Research has developed its own line of CopperCONN connectors that feature solid copper contacts and true carbon-fiber head-shells (Alpha and Sigma models) that have anti-vibration qualities. These connectors are not just beautiful; they functionally reduce micro-distortions due to the carbon fiber's unique energy absorbing vibration reduction qualities.

DTCD Design

Dynamic Transient Current Delivery is critical to performance for high performance entertainment systems.All elements in Reference NR Series power cords, including the wires, contacts, dielectrics and junctions, are tested and optimized using Shunyata Research's proprietary DTCD Analyzer. This optimization ensures outstanding low-frequency performance as well as dynamic contrasts akin to a live musical event. More thanany other design parameter, Shunyata Research's ability to provide measurable dynamic instantaneous current is unparalleled.

VTX-AG Conductors

Reference NR Series cables feature an advancement in conductor technology that combines the transient speed and definition of pure silver with the warmth, power, and body of pure copper. VTX-Ag has a core conductor of pure silver with an outer concentric conductor of high-purity OFE copper. VTX-Ag provides significant improvements in dynamics, timing precision,and low-level resolution while preserving the subtle tonal, textural, and timbral signatures that bring music to life.

KPIP 'Blackbird' Process

Reference NR Series power cords are treated with Shunyata Research's proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process. Four days of continuous KPIP processing dramatically reduces burn-in time and significantly improves sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation.

Class-Leading Performance In Each Product Category

The Reference NR Series power cords consistently provide superb performance across a broad spectrum of electronic brands and component types. They truly redefine the performance envelope for all types of components, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, phonostages, D/A converters, disc players, and tuners.

Conductors: 10 VTX-Ag
Connectors: CopperCONN
Head-shell: Polycarbonate
Noise reduction: >12 dB @ 1MHz
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