Wireworld Cable Technology - Eclipse 8 Interconnects (XLR, 0.5m, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

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Wireworld Cable Technology - Eclipse 8 Interconnects (XLR, 0.5m, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

Wireworld Cable Technology - Eclipse 8 Interconnects (XLR, 0.5m, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

Now $275.00
Was $400.00
Save $125.00 (31%)
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Hear the Thrilling Dynamics and Vivid Details Your Audio Equipment Is Capable of Producing: Wireworld Eclipse 8 Interconnects Feature Patented DNA Helix Technology

Cutting corners when it comes to audio cables can make even the best equipment sound uninspiring. Because high-end manufacturers spend a great deal of time selecting the wire for inside of components, it's wise to use similar care when purchasing the wire you'll use to connect those components. Wireworld's Eclipse 8 interconnects will ensure the thrilling dynamics, three-dimensional soundstaging, and vivid detail reproduced by your equipment reach your speakers with pinpoint accuracy – and that the original character and impact of your music gets preserved. Eclipse 8 represents an important development in Wireworld's decades-long mission to create coloration-free wire that conveys all the palpable realism and stunning transparency world-class equipment is built to provide.

Such performance benchmarks are the result of company founder David Salz's dedication to applying the scientific method to cable design. After passing exhaustive independent tests, Eclipse 8's Delineated Neutralizing Array (DNA) Helix technology was granted a U.S. patent for its demonstrated ability to improve transmission speed and reduce signal loss. Via proprietary sound polygraph tests and extensive listening sessions, each conductor strand in the DNA Helix gets precisely spaced to drastically reduce electromagnetic eddy currents that cause distortion and timing anomalies commonly heard in other designs. The result is a cable that comes remarkably close to matching the sound of a direct "no-cable" connection to your equipment.

Eclipse 8's 3-D focus and nuanced detail is further made possible by its Ohno Continuous-Cast 7N sliver-clad copper conductors. Encased in proprietary Composilex 3 Insulation, Eclipse 8 improves your system's dynamic response capabilities, resulting in more energetic and emotionally engaging sound. Then there's Wireworld's patented Silver-Tube Plug. With its silver-clad tubular OFC contacts, DuPont Delrin insulators, and a proprietary silicone rubber tension band for a perfect grip, Silver-Tube plugs provide a remarkable level of conductivity.

All told, Eclipse 8 interconnects offer the kind of lightning-fast transients that will startle you during musical performances and lend extra realism to movie soundtracks. If you're looking for an interconnect that will reduce the signal loss and distortion that stands between you and the soul of a recorded performance, Eclipse 8 will not disappoint – 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"I found the Wirewold cables to have excellent tonal balance from top to bottom, and have an expressive nature in terms of dynamic interplay within music."
—John Hoffman, Positive Feedback

Design: Quad DNA Helix
Signal Conductors: 4 (16 strand groups), Gauge: 21AWG, 0.4 sq. mm
Conductor Material: OCC-7N Copper
Insulation: Composilex 3
Plug Contacts: Silver-clad OFC
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