Wireworld Cable Technology - Equinox 8 Speaker Cables (Bananas, 2.5m, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

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Wireworld Cable Technology - Equinox 8 Speaker Cables (Bananas, 2.5m, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

Wireworld Cable Technology - Equinox 8 Speaker Cables (Bananas, 2.5m, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

Now $599.00
Was $850.00
Save $251.00 (30%)
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Hear More Detail, Clarity, and Dynamics: Wireworld Equinox 8 Speaker Cables Feature Quad DNA Helix Design That Keeps Its Four Separate Conductor Strands Completely Parallel

Years of research and design involved in the creation of Wireworld's Equinox 8 speaker cables make it one of the more cost-effective ways to unleash the greater potential of your entertainment system. Employing the company's Quad DNA Helix design that keeps its four separate conductor strands perfectly parallel, Equinox 8 delivers a level of transparency and dynamic punch rarely heard in this price category. Hook up a pair and you'll immediately hear layers of rich, vivid detail, lightning-fast transients, and enhanced clarity.

Led by founder David Salz's pursuit of technological innovation and scientific research, Wireworld utilized extensive polygraph listening tests to bring Equinox 8 extremely close to the transparent sound of a direct "no cable" connection between your speakers and equipment. Equinox 8 also uses Ohno Continuous-Cast 7N (99.99999 %) pure copper, contributing to a natural balance across the frequency spectrum and three-dimensional realism without a hint of grain or distortion that will keep you listening for hours.

Wireworld's commitment to quality can also be seen in Equinox 8's Composilex 3 insulation, a proprietary blend of materials that protects your system from the electromagnetic and radio interference that robs music of energy and focus. Equipped with silver-clad Uni-Term connectors, Equinox 8 reduces the signal loss and distortion that stands between you and the heart and soul of a recorded performance – 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Design: Quad DNA Helix
Signal Conductors: 4 (20 strand groups), Gauge: 11AWG, 4 sq. mm
Conductor Material: OCC-7N Copper
Insulation: Composilex 3
Plug Contacts: Silver-clad Uni-Term
Note: EQS (Standard); EQB (Biwired)
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