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Make Your Wadia iTransport Sound Even Better

The VDC-9 MkII Power Supply Upgrade makes a shocking difference to the performance of Wadia iTransport. Adding the VDC-9 MkII allows the iTransport to produce greater resolution, deeper bass, blacker backgrounds and a surprisingly silky smooth top-end…the VDC-9 MkII is one of the best things to ever happen to the iTransport!

The stock power supply for the iTransport is an inexpensive wall-wart switching power supply, which generates gobs of noise on the AC line, obscuring detail, reducing transparency and limiting dynamic range. Plugging the iTransport into a VDC-9 MKII is not a subtle upgrade!

The first thing you’ll hear is how much deeper and blacker backgrounds become. Next, you’ll notice how much more rich and textured the iTransport sounds, and then you’ll notice improved resolution and dynamic range. And... Just like all CIAudio products: The VDC-9 MKII is MADE IN THE USA!

Why does the VDC-9 MKII make a difference?
The VDC-9 MkII is a high current, well regulated and low-impedance DC supply, which means the VDC-9 MkII delivers more power, faster, cleaner and with less distortion than the stock switching power supply. This allows the iTransport to operate more efficiently and greatly improves its musical capabilities.

CIAudio is world renowned for building small high-quality audiophile components that way outperform their small price tags and offer exceptional value. Like all CIAudio products, the VDC-9 MKII is built to the tightest tolerances in the industry. The VDC-9 MkII’s design is based around a custom made 2.5A continuous rated transformer, a discrete Schottky diode bridge rectifier, an AC line filter, a precision voltage regulator circuit and 20,000uF of filter capacitance.

To get the most out of your Wadia iTransport, use a VDC-9 MkII and any high-end outboard DAC to create an extremely musical and flexible media server that will compete with some of the world's most expensive CD players at half the size!

The new CIAudio VDC-9 MKII is also the perfect upgrade for the Slim Devices/Logitech Squeezebox Duet! When used with this device, the Power supply eliminates noise caused by the standard switching supply, which can contaminate the internal digital and analog circuits.

NOTE: We cannot sell the VDC-9 MkII into Japan!
If you are in Japan and would like to purchase a VDC-9 MKII here is the distributor's information:
Audio Reference, Inc
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 01181425743185

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Input Voltage: 120/240V AC (User-Selectable)
Output Voltage: 9V DC @ 2.0A
Accessories: IEC Input Cable, 2 Output Cables (Wadia iTransport & Squeezebox Duet)
Dimensions: 4.45”W x 2.9”H (including feet) x 5.25” D
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
Warranty: 5 Year Parts & Labor

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