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Now $1,299.95
Was $1,799.95
Save $500.00 (28%)
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Save $500 on a Reference-Class SACD/CD Player Tuned with a Musician's Sensibility for Sound: Yamaha CD-S1000 Features Proprietary Pure Direct Circuitry, Hand-Selected Parts

Touting more than 125 years experience of crafting musical instruments, Yamaha continues its unabated passion to give listeners the best-value audio experiences for their money in the stupendous CD-S1000 SACD/CD player. Literally "tuned" with a musician's sensibility, and loaded with differential D/A converters, extensive analog circuitry, a silent tray loader, four-part power supply, and a proprietary Pure Direct circuit, this staggeringly good component pairs modern engineering with classy and classic looks. It's also built to withstand an earthquake. But what matters most, if you can peel your eyes away from the stylish design, is the absorbing sound you will hear from your cherished discs. The CD-S1000 delivers exemplary performance for minimal cost, particularly now that it is available for $500 off the list price! You have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on it.

"The disc drawer employs a gearless mechanism in a [steel/wood] chassis and has the smoothest, quietest operation I've ever experienced from a front-loading disc player."
– Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

Designed as a Real Musical Component, Not as a Computer
The basic features that earned the CD-S2000 countless accolades - such as the use of differential DACs for high-conversion precision with low noise, as well as Yamaha's proprietary Silent Loader and High Precision CD Drive - are found in its sibling. But what really sets it apart from the competition is that Yamaha designers "tuned" the sound with a musician's sensibility. Unlike, for example, new format DVD players that are as close to being computers as they are to audio components, the CD-S1000 was built by people that thought of it as a musical instrument. The difference is immediately apparent, especially when you pair it with the A-S1000 or another high-performance amplifier, which will spoil you with some of the finest CD sound you'll ever hear.

D/A Converters and Hand-Picked Parts Ensure Stupendous Dynamics
Built with extreme attention to every detail and for exceptionally accurate music reproduction, the CD-S1000 uses high-grade differential D/A converters for the left and right channels. Their output is assigned separately for plus and minus. Developed by drawing on Yamaha's involved experience with digital technology, they ensure the highest conversion precision as well as outstanding S/N ratio and dynamic range. All other components, including the analog circuitry, are carefully selected based on extensive listening tests. Comprehensive sound tuning, encompassing even the mechanisms, means you will enjoy incredibly dynamic and powerful CD performance.

Four-Part Power Supply and Pure Direct Circuit Equate to Superior Separation
The power supply boasts four sections - for the audio circuitry, digital circuitry, drive mechanism, and display - physically separated from each other and from the transformer, minimizing mutual interference that degrades sound quality. With its independent left-right structure, the power supply for the audio circuitry ensures a stable supply of clean power, contributing to superior channel separation. The CD-S1000 also provides the Pure Direct circuit, a popular feature of Yamaha amplifiers and receivers that claims separate analog and digital sections. When Pure Direct is on, the display is turned off and the digital output shuts down, providing the highest-possible analog sound.

No Part Overlooked, From the CD Tray to the Chassis
The mechanism that picks up the signal is actually analog, even during the digital reproduction of a CD. The CD-S1000 also features Yamaha's unique Silent Loader, which uses Synchro Mesh rather than noise-producing gears, for totally silent tray movement as well as high durability. The remainder of the mechanism is similarly top-notch, extending to the highly reliable brushless spindle motor and die-cast, vibration-free aluminum tray. Like the A-S2000 and A-S1000 integrated amps, this player has a left-right symmetrical design with rigid construction, including a reinforcing bar in the center. Specially designed feet provide stability and superior protection from external vibration.

Go Ahead, Stare - This is One GQ-Worthy Design
Available in either Black/Walnut or Silver/Oak, the CD-S1000 is a looker. The thick steel and wood chassis is heavy and stable, far superior to the plastic often used in CD players, and the side panels - well, let's just say Yamaha knows how to appeal to the visual senses of every audiophile with a soft spot for timeless 1970s style. Yes, this is a player you'll want to own, and put high on the shelf.

Frequency Response:
    CD: 2Hz–20kHz
    Super Audio CD: 2 Hz–50 kHz
Harmonic Distortion CD/Super Audio CD (1 kHz): 0.002%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio CD/Super Audio CD: 113 dB
Dynamic Range:
    CD: 100 dB
    Super Audio CD: 105 dB
Output Level CD/Super Audio CD: (1 kHz, O dB) 2 ± 0.3 V
Dimensions (WHD): 17-1/8" x 5-3/8" x 17-5/16"
Weight: 33 lbs.
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