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Equipment > Granite Audio - Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD
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GRANITE AUDIO - Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD


Granite Audio - Phono Burn-In CD AGACD101

GRANITE AUDIO - Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD


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Item: AGACD101
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Expressly Designed to Burn-In New Phono Preamplifiers and Improve the Performance of Older Models: Granite Audio Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD Saves Time and Wear

Commissioned by Music Direct, the Granite Audio Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD helps you burn-in new phono preamplifiers and enhance the model you've had for years. The tracks were recorded with the RIAA frequency curve at 4mV for MM and .7mV for MC stages. Just plug your CD player's interconnect into your phono preamplifier, set the MM or MC break-in/enhancement tracks on repeat, and save yourself many hours of tedious burn-in time. The CD greatly improves the sound of older phonostages as well.

Using the Granite CD to burn-in your phono section will also save needless wear on your record stylus and turntable. Standard CDs cannot be used because their signal level at 240mv (to as much as 4 volts) would overload your phono inputs, which are designed to handle only about 4mv of input signal. Also, conventional CDs would have their low frequencies boosted by 20dB more than a phonograph record encoded with the RIAA bass rolloff. Playing a standard music CD through your phono input could also damage your speakers with excessive bass tones.

Please note: Do not turn up the volume when you use this CD.

More About the Granite Audio CD
Test CD produced by Don Hoglund of Granite Audio using Hewlett-Packard random noise generator, HP decibel meters, Tektronix ultra-low distortion audio signal generator, Tek digital frequency counter, Tek digital decibel meters, and Tascam Pro-Studio CDRW. This test CD is meant to burn-in the phono section while you're not listening. Some of the RIAA test tones are recorded more than 70dB below reference and therefore, the SN ratio is also very low. Do not play this CD through other inputs; the RIAA high frequencies are 20dB louder than the reference frequencies when not played through the RIAA equalization circuit of the phono input and can damage your tweeters or hearing.

To Burn-In a MC Phono Preamplifier
Use Track 33 to burn-in your moving-coil phonostage. Put your CD player on Track 33, single track repeat, and only play Track 33 repeatedly. Tracks 1 through 32 will also burn-in your MC phonostage, but do so at a higher voltage equivalent to the output of a moving-magnet cartridge.

Track Listing:
  1. 1kHz Reference Tone @ 4.33mV, -45dB
  2. 100Hz @ -13.11dB below Reference Level
  3. 200Hz @ -8.22dB
  4. 300Hz @ -5.53dB
  5. 400Hz @ -3.81dB
  6. 700Hz @ -1.23dB
  7. 1kHz @ 0dB
  8. 2kHz @ +2.61dB
  9. 3kHz @ +4.76dB
  10. 4kHz @ +6.64dB
  11. 5kHz @ +8.23dB
  12. 6kHz @ +9.62dB
  13. 7kHz @ +10.85dB
  14. 8kHz @ +11.91dB
  15. 9kHz @ +12.88dB
  16. 10kHz @ +13.75dB
  17. 11kHz @ +14.55dB
  18. 12kHz @ +15.28dB
  19. 13kHz @ +15.95dB
  1. 14kHz @ +16.64dB
  2. 15kHz @ +17.17dB
  3. 1kHz @ 0dB
  4. Test tones from 10Hz to 20kHz
  5. Mozart's Piano Concerto #26 "Coronation"
  6. Mozart's Piano Concerto #26 "Coronation" (cont.)
  7. Pink Noise correlated
  8. Pink Noise uncorrelated
  9. Random Noise
  10. Mozart left channel only
  11. Mozart right channel only
  12. Mozart in stereo
  13. Mozart in mono
  14. Bonus Moving Coil Burn-In Track @ 70mV, -60dB
    I. 1kHz Reference Tone @ -60dB
    II. Mozart's Piano Concerto #26 "Coronation" @ -60dB
    III. Pink Noise @ -60dB
    IV. Random Noise @ -60dB

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