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GRANITE AUDIO - Ultimate Low Bass CD



GRANITE AUDIO - Ultimate Low Bass CD


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Test Your System's Low-Frequency Output, Find Rattles and Break-In Your Woofers

Forget other test CDs or even organ music, give your system the ride of its life with Granite Audio's Ultimate Low Bass CD, the best low-frequency tool out there. Featuring track numbers that directly correspond to bass notes, Granite Audio gives you the tools to truly test your system's low-bass capabilities.

Ever wonder how deep your system really goes? Now you can be sure! The Ultimate Low Bass Test CD is no toy, it is designed to excite your woofers with ultra-low bass tones that will demonstrate your system's deepest bass excursion and help you find all those problematic room resonances and room nodes. This disc is exceptionally useful for integrating subwoofers into a stereo or home theater system, this is the first Test CD we've seen that has individual tracks for every tone from 10Hz to 99Hz as well as some higher frequencies, eliminating guesswork and ensuring proper configuration!  The Ultimate Low Bass Test CD should be a part of any serious audiophile's collection!

Track List
Track 1: 1kHz Reference Tone @ -20dB (0:35)
Track 2: 100Hz - 10Hz Descending sweep @ -20dB (0:59)
Track 3: 103Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 4: 106Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 5: 109Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 6: 112Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 7: 115Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 8: 118Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 9: 121Hz @ -20dB (0:15)
Track 10 thru 99: 10Hz - 99Hz, track number corresponds to frequency in Hz (0:15 each)

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