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Grado - Hemp Headphones

Equipment Headphones
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Grado - Hemp Headphones

Grado - Hemp Headphones

Price $469.00
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Grado Hemp Headphones Produce Full-Bodied, Warm, Detailed Sound: Brilliant "Hemphones" Benefit from Damping Properties of Fibers and Maple Wood in the Housing

We'll be, ahem, blunt: The Grado Hemp headphones contain the coolest use of the plant-based material ever imagined, let alone executed, in an audio product. Warm, accurate, full, and detailed, Hemp benefits from the dampening effect that happens between the hemp fibers, resulting in remarkable low-end responsiveness and smooth high-frequency extension.

Hand-assembled in Brooklyn, the limited-edition Hemp also features maple in the housing to help balance the sound and add pleasing body. Moreover, Hemp improves over time, just like a brand-new amplifier or power conditioner. The more you use them, the more enjoyable your music feels. And, like all Music Direct products, Grado Hemp Headphones come with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"[The] fidelity of the bass experience is excellent for this price. I think this is the best Grado has offered in terms of price to performance. Don't let the pot jokes fool you.... The Hemp is a generalist. It is small, light, and comfortable. It scales very nicely and looks fantastic."

"With its expansive, airy soundstage, precision [imaging], deep bass extension, liquid neutral timbre, cool musicality, brutal speed, and admirable dynamic range, I can say that the Hemp is hands down the best headphone I have heard in its price range, and one of the best dynamic headphones, period."
—Gary Alan Barker, Headphone.Guru, 2020 Budget Headphone Product of the Year award winner

"These fabulous headphones will tickle your ears and reward you with a ridiculously wide soundstage."
—Mark Sparrow, Consumer Tech, Forbes

"This is perhaps the most fun I've had reviewing a pair of headphones for some time, and perhaps because there's a ton of fun baked into the Hemp Headphone. They're a terrific-looking pair of headphones with a great origin story, and they back it up with a rewarding and engaging sound signature. They're sufficiently different [from] the rest of the Grado lineup ... to warrant seeking them out and giving them an audition."
—Matty Graham, Headfonia

Built from Hemp

The highly compressed hemp creates a damping effect between the fibers. This produces a fuller sound, comprised of a noticeable low end and a top end that extends smoothly to its limits. The hemp may be doing the heavy lifting, but the Hemp Headphones are the result of a joint effort. Grado engineers built maple into the housing to help balance out the sound, and to bring out the sonic properties that maple can produce.

Driver Focused

The Grado drivers built into the hemp housings are specifically tuned for the material. Being paired with maple gave the Grado team some insight, and through extensive trial-and-error, Grado engineers optimized the sonic performance, to bring out the full potential of the hemp.

Signature Sound

The last seven decades has given Grado engineers time to perfect the Grado sound, allowing them to design headphones that can reveal new details and tones in songs that music lovers have heard hundreds of times. The Hemp Headphone is a slow burn, constantly getting better with every listen. Grado ensures that every headphone it offers has the Grado signature sound, executed here beautifully with hemp and maple.

Hand-Assembled in Brooklyn

Each pair of Hemp Headphones is hand-assembled by Grado's team in Brooklyn. Ideal for any genre of music, hemp and maple work together to bring a new level of vibrancy to these limited-edition headphones. Grado started building products on a kitchen table in 1953, and every experience since then has led to the creation of the superb Hemp Headphones.

Housing: Hemp / Maple Wood
Transducer Type: Dynamic
Operating Principle: Open Air
Frequency Response: 13hz-28kHz
SPL 1mW: 98
Normal Impedance: 38 ohms
Driver Matched db: .05 db
Termination: 3.5mm plug, includes 1/4" adapter

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