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iFi - EarBuddy Attenuator


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Turn It Up to 11 and Get the Full High-Resolution Experience You Deserve: iFi Ear Buddy Attenuator Safely Allows You to Increase Volume without Consequences, Restores Missing Bits

Turn it up! iFi's Ear Buddy attenuator gets rid of annoying hisses and buzzes and allows you to increase the digital volume to a higher level to improve resolution and quality without making you deaf. On smartphones or DAPs, most music lovers listen with the digital volume control set at about 60 percent of its capacity, translating into a loss of two bits of resolution. Think of it as watching HDTV with a few pixels missing from the screen. It works, but you aren't getting the full experience. Of course, you could turn your device up to full volume, but your ears (and people around you) would suffer. Adding Ear Buddy adjusts the volume and safely allows you to crank up your smartphone or DAP without painful consequences. At this price, what do you have to lose? Hear more music and get the full high-resolution experience with Ear Buddy!

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