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iFi - iEMatch Attenuator


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Listen to Music Through Headphones? iFi IEMatch Attenuator Removes Hiss, Restores Dynamics, Increases Transparency, Lessens Noise, and Boosts the Useable Volume Range

Compatible with both headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs), the iFi iEMatch Attenuator removes the hiss often present from the music source during headphone playback and lets you to listen without cranking the volume to excessive, headroom-squelching levels. By allowing you to reduce the volume to more comfortable parameters, the Hi-Fi+ Product of the Year Award-winning iEMatch also restores dynamics, increases the transparency, significantly lessens background noise, and boosts the usable volume range. Comprised of aluminum-magnesium alloy and a 6N silver-copper matrix cable, iEMatch lets the signal transfer pass through as it should. Simply add iEMatch between your headphones and the amplifier, set it to high- or ultra-sensitivity, sit back, and marvel at how much more music you hear – and how much sound-degrading noise and irritating decibels are gone.

“It’s a deceptively simple, one-trick-pony that as soon as you see the need for it, you realize just how important it is in your life.”
Hi-Fi+, Accessory Product of the Year

iEMatch fixes an issue faced by headphone and IEM users where an amplifier is either too loud and/or there's an excessive amount of hiss. This problem usually occurs with:
  • A/V receivers
  • Airplane headphone amps, the ones built into the armrest
  • Smartphones
  • Powerful headphone amplifiers which lack gain adjustment (crucial for IEMs)

iEMatch allows the user to choose between -12dB and -24dB of attenuation, which reduces the noise level and also allows for more of the volume control range to be used.

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