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iFi - iPurifier Inline USB Audio Conditioner


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iFi USB iPurifier - Every USB DAC Needs One

The Best $99 You Will Spend On Your Computer Audio System - Guaranteed!

There is No Other Device Like the iFi iPurifier: It Puts the "Analog" Back into USB Audio

Just Place the iPurifier Between Your USB Cable and DAC, and Hear Instantaneous Improvements

Clean up your computer audio and hear more of your music with the iFi USB iPurifier. The only product of its kind in the world, this inexpensive accessory puts the "analog" back in USB audio. Simply place it between your USB cable and DAC, and you'll experience lifelike audiophile sound. The iPurifier makes such a radical difference that there's simply no comparison to be made to a computer-audio setup without one. If you're serious about great sonics, the budget-priced iPurifier is a must.

Purifies and Rebalances Your USB Signal
In simple terms, iPurifier purifies and rebalances the USB signal. The iPurifier's specially designed circuit restores the signal waveform - in effect, putting the analog back into the signal. When run through the iPurifier, the signal is clean, balanced, and zero offset. By contrast, if you're listening without an iPurifier, you're hearing noisy, unbalanced, and DC-offset signals due to the close proximity of data, power, and ground in USB cables. iFi's trademarked PurePurification Technology removes such unwanted EMI as well as the DC offset, allowing music to come through with astonishing purity and transparency.

FINAL USB Connectors Provide Remarkable Shielding
Unlike a majority of USB product manufacturers that cheap out on connectors by using molded plastic covers, iFi refuses to compromise on the iPurifier. Since plastic cannot shield the high frequencies in the USB data link, noise radiates out and sound is compromised. iFi eradicates any such problems by using FINAL USB connectors that afford superior end-to-end shielding. Machined from solid aluminum and gold plated, they are the new standard in connectors.

Instantly Hear Huge Sonic Improvements - Guaranteed
Audiophile accessories don't come any easier to use - or easier to understand. And most don't make the large degree of instantaneously noticeable improvements wrought by the iPurifier. How confident are we that this little device will change the way you experience computer audio? We back it up with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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