Audio Technica - AT95E Special Edition Black MM Cartridge (Generic Packaging)

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Audio Technica - AT95E Special Edition Black MM Cartridge (Generic Packaging)

Audio Technica - AT95E Special Edition Black MM Cartridge (Generic Packaging)

Now $45.00
Was $60.00
Save $15.00 (25%)
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A Stereophile Recommended Cartridge - You Won't Find a Better Bargain Anywhere

Audio Technica just built a special-edition run of AT95e phono cartridges in Japan. After much difficulty, we found a source for this "diamond in the rough." Built to exceedingly high tolerances, the AT-95e Special Edition is a moving magnet cartridge design with 3.5mV output. Featuring an elliptical stylus and a sturdy motor structure, and a metal alloy cantilever.

The AT95e Special Edition sounds great, with excellent bloom in the midrange and a fast, easy treble with excellent extension. Bass is strong and taut, offering very good propulsion to the music. This cartridge has speed and better detail retrieval than anything at this price. Imaging and soundstaging are both surprisingly good with a natural sense of space.

Michael Fremer and Stereophile magazine are in complete agreement with us on this one, calling the AT-95e in their Recommended Component issue, a great value that really makes great music. If your cartridge is more than 5 years old or you're ready for an upgrade, this affordable beauty is the perfect replacement on any older or entry-level tables.

For many years, the AT95e has been one of our best selling cartridges, offering a surprising amount of performance for a very accessible price. Although audiophiles have a tendency to point their attentions at higher end designs with their higher end price tags, most are shocked how good the AT95e is. Audio Technica is a large company and they have great manufacturing capabilities. This allows them to build a more consistent, reliable and inexpensive product than small companies, giving the AT95e the ability to compete with cartridges two or even three times more expensive.

Type: MM
Stylus type: elliptical diamond stylus
Stylus Size: 0.4 x 0.7 mil
Output: 3.5mV
Bandwidth: 20-20,000
Channel Separation: >20dB
Impedance: 47k
Load capacitance: 100-200 pF
Body Type: Metal and Plastic
Tracking Range: 1.5-2.5g
Recommended: 2.0g
Weight: 6.5g

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