IsoTek - EVO3 Syncro Uni Sine Wave Rebalancing Unit with Two Premier C15 Power Cables

Equipment Power Conditioner
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IsoTek - EVO3 Syncro Uni Sine Wave Rebalancing Unit with Two Premier C15 Power Cables

IsoTek - EVO3 Syncro Uni Sine Wave Rebalancing Unit with Two Premier C15 Power Cables

Price $995.00
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Pre-Filter Device Synchronizes Mains Power Supply, Generates Perfectly Symmetrical Sine Wave Across Output Sockets: EVO3 Syncro Uni Rebalancing Unit Includes Two Premier C15 Power Cables

A pre-filter device that can be used with any power conditioner and one of the two supplied EVO3 Premier C19 power cables, the IsoTek EVO3 Syncro Uni sine-wave rebalancing unit plugs into your mains wall socket, takes your mains electricity, and realigns its waveform prior to the filtering or conditioning stage. By synchronizing the mains supply and generating a perfectly symmetrical sine wave across all output sockets, EVO3 Syncro Uni noticeably reduces (or completely silences) transformer hum and delivers dramatic improvements to the sound of your audio components.

Encased in a steel/aluminum chassis, EVO3 Syncro Uni utilizes DC-cancelling electronics that rebalance the mains sine wave on the zero-volts line as well as silver-plated OCC copper internal wiring cable. IsoTek's Virtual Air Dielectric technology with a Teflon FEP bridge results in chemically inert properties and an extremely low dielectric over a wide frequency range. If you've never considered how a pre-filter component can impact the performance of your system, EVO3 Syncro Uni stands at the ready to make you the hear the difference.

The two included IsoTek EVO3 Premier power cables make setup a plug-and-play breeze and help deliver stunning performance. A step up from the company's acclaimed EVO3 Initium model, EVO3 Premier adds silver-plated 99.9999% OFC conductors, Teflon FEP dielectric, and bespoke solid OFC connectors with 24-karat gold-plated conductors to its sibling's already formidable arsenal. The more advanced materials deliver much-improved conductivity, remarkable strength, and impressive electrical characteristics.

In real-world terms, when you connect EVO3 Syncro Uni and another component with your two EVO3 Premier cables, you'll hear your music unfold with added spaciousness, a more natural flow, increased resolution, and far less noise. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"Plugging the EVO3 Syncro Uni into my mains wall socket using a supplied EVO3 Initium power cable and my equipment distribution system into the Syncro Uni, I am instantly aware of an increase in the spaciousness that's around the instruments."
Hi-Fi Choice, Recommended review

"You plug the EVO3 Synchro Uni in between the system and the wall, and the hum goes away. The noise floor gets lower almost every time. And the system gets very slightly cleaner sound and more dynamic most of the time."
Hi-Fi+, 2019 Mains Cable of the Year Award

Conductors: Silver plated OCC copper conductors
Dielectric: Virtual Air Dielectric (VAD)
Mains inlet: 10A IEC C14 or 16A IEC C20
Mains voltage: 100-240 VAC
Mains frequency: 50-60Hz
Dimensions (WHD): 3.0" x 2.8" x 8.5"
Weight: 2.4 lbs.
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