Shunyata - Everest 8000 Power Conditioner **OPEN BOX**

Equipment Power Conditioner
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Shunyata - Everest 8000 Power Conditioner **OPEN BOX**

Shunyata - Everest 8000 Power Conditioner **OPEN BOX**

Now $7,499.00
Was $9,900.00
Save $2401.00 (24%)
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The Finest Accomplishment in Shunyata History: Everest 8000 Power Conditioner Transforms Musical Playback, Features Reference-Setting Engineering and Lifetime Warranty

No buzz, no hum, no heat, a lifetime warranty, and the finest engineering accomplishment of a visionary designer who has spent decades creating perfectionist-minded electrical systems for the military, medical, mastering, recording, and high-end audio industries: That is the Shunyata Research Everest 8000 power conditioner in a nutshell. Utterly transformative and unequivocally unique, the flagship Everest 8000 boasts multiple patented technologies unavailable in any other product to supply unrestricted peak current to multiple components all the while exponentially reducing power-line noise and intercepting component-to-component interference for complete component isolation. The result: At-home music playback that even the world's finest producers and artists never imagined possible. To say that the enhancements to soundstages, backgrounds, transparency, solidity, and separation are substantial would be an understatement.

A state-of-the-art eight-outlet tower-shaped distributor that has six independent zones of noise isolation, Everest 8000 effortlessly works in systems comprised of digital, analog, and high-current electronics. All eight outlets deliver exceptional high-current performance and standard-setting noise isolation. You won't have to worry about current delivery restrictions because none exist. Shunyata's DTCD (dynamic transient current delivery) arrives markedly improved across all outlets and prepared to handle even the most demanding amplifiers as well as the most sensitive source gear.

There's a reason company founder Caelin Gabriel deems Everest 8000 a "once in a generation product." In short, it owes to the stunning technology. For starters, Shunyata Research's patented QR/BBTM technology, originally developed for Typhon, provides instantaneous on-demand electrical charge to dynamic-draw electronics. The QR/BBTM device in Everest 8000 is three times the size of the Hydra Denali's and provides unprecedented spatial and three-dimensional imaging qualities.

Similarly, Everest 8000 offers unprecedented noise reduction derived from Shunyata Research's CIS medical division, which simply translates into sublime low-level resolution. More than 60dB of noise reduction and six zones of isolation contribute to profound improvements in imaging, immediacy, tonality, and focus. A new CMode noise filter removes common-mode noise without introducing any undesirable compression of the dynamic range. And the Chassis Ground System (CGS), originally found in Triton v3, achieves new levels of ground-plane noise reduction in Everest 8000. In addition to the presence of Shunyata's advanced cable-cradle system, four CGS terminals support the connection of up to 12 components.

Built to last for decades and touting conservatively rated specifications, the 34-pound Everest 8000 arrives housed in an aluminum-and-steel chassis that itself boasts reference-grade vibration control in the form of internal vibration-dampening panels, AC outlet dampening gaskets, and Shunyata's SSF-50 footers. Our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee invites you to hear this beast in your own home today with a risk-free audition.

"There's too much to describe here, but suffice it to say that the Everest 8000 is brimming with innovation. The sonic result is mind-blowing. The soundstage opens up with greater space and depth, with more vivid and tangible images, along with far greater resolution of air and space around those images. Low-level information is resolved with finer precision, and timbres are more lifelike. The new Omega XC power cord that connects the Everest to your wall outlet is also a breakthrough."
— Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear and 2020 Product of the Year Awards

"The Everest 8000 is a no-holds-barred reference component that delivers a clear view of the audiophile promised land – stunning transparency, lifelike dynamics and the sort of nuance and detail that can turn merely listening to a musical performance into an emotional experience."
—Vance Hiner, The Audio Beat

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