Nessie - Vinylmaster Record Cleaning Machine

Equipment Record Care Record Cleaning Machine
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Nessie - Vinylmaster Record Cleaning Machine

Nessie - Vinylmaster Record Cleaning Machine

Price $3,195.00
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Nessie Vinylmaster Automatic Record-Cleaning Machine Features Single-Button Operation, Scours LPs Free of Debris, Ensures Correct Fluid Application, Looks Incredible

Not only does the Nessie Vinylmaster automatic record-cleaning machine look like it comes out of "Game of Thrones," the German-built vacuum device provides one-touch, single-button operation that makes cleaning vinyl as simple – and thorough – as possible. Built with an integrated PVC/stainless-steel tank that holds enough fluid for at least 100 cycles, acoustical cleaning timer that tells you when your LP is ready, twin brushes for deep-groove performance, and an ergonomic clamp with label protection, this analog-friendly beast even ensures the appropriate amount of fluid is applied every single time you clean an LP. And it instantly adjusts to uneven LPs, with brushes that accommodate to up to 2mm height differences. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

With the ultra-quiet Nessie Vinylmaster, once you move the drying arm over your LP, extraction automatically begins, and all loosened contamination gets sucked away. The spinning speed gets automatically reduced and the extraction power accordingly adjusted. In addition, a smooth velvet cushion protects the record surface during the process. Finally, the vacuum pump automatically turns off after the direction of rotation has been changed. You can do all this by pressing a single push-button, as sensors in the brush and extraction arms provide needed control. If you have an extremely filthy record, don't worry. Nessie Vinylmaster includes an "intensive cleaning program" that delivers a cleaning cycle of an astounding 20 minutes. Now, no record you find crate digging will be off-limits.

And let's not overlook aesthetics. While many record-cleaning machines seem utilitarian or even homely in appearance, Nessie Vinylmaster touts aesthetics that exemplify pride, beauty, and coolness. A raven-black, 8mm-thick, high-gloss acrylic case abets a satin acrylic "snow" turntable mechanism, both of which are complemented by elegant chrome and stainless-steel elements. To protect your LP labels from any moisture, a hard, chrome-plated aluminum clamp sports a rubber lip seal for extra assurance. Another distinguishing feature of Nessie Vinylmaster pertains to the inclusion of an anti-static mat for your records. Nessie Vinylmaster also comes with 500ml of Vinylin solution, a microfiber cloth, funnel, and tool to change the brushes.

Backed by our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee, Nessie Vinylmaster brings the benefits of reference-grade record cleaning to every LP you own. Experience the difference with a risk-free audition today.

Voltage: 120V
Wattage in cleaning mode: 8 Watt
Wattage in extraction mode: 255 Watt
Protection Classes: 1, IP40
Declaration of Conformity: CE
Cleaning agent tank capacity: 525 ml
Waste water tank capacity: 450 ml
Dimensions (WDH): 15.7" x 13.0" x 6.7"
Weight: 19.8 lbs.
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