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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Sigma Analog Power Cable


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Shunyata Analog Power Cable

The Absolute Reference Analog Power Cable: Shunyata Sigma Analog Serves as an Independent Power Conditioner, Created for Preamps, Phono Components, and All Line-Level Gear

Part of the elite Shunyata Sigma Series, the Sigma Analog is the finest analog power cable ever made. The result of 15 years of patented science, engineering, and parts development, and a winner of The Absolute Sound's Product of the Year Award, Sigma Analog essentially functions as an independent power conditioner. Constructed of Shunyata's best VTX wire formed into massive gauge conductors, Sigma Analog is exclusively created for all electronics that use linear-design analog power supplies: preamplifiers, modest to moderate current-draw amplifiers, phono equipment, and all line-level components. Sigma Analog can also be used for power conditioners powering modest systems comprised of fewer than five components. It is optimized for maximum DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) and compatible with the broadest possible range of electronics, regardless of design within the analog power supply realm. All three Sigma models cancel the specific frequencies of noise commonly associated with the class of components for which they are designed. You've never heard your system sound as effortless as it will when paired with Sigma.

"What I can say is that the Sigma power cords are the best I have ever used and that each one's performance exceeded my expectations. They provided more than a mere incremental improvement in my system over the company's previous offerings and the list prices reflect that. While an entire "loom" of the cords will be out of many peoples' reach, even individual cords yielded impressive results."
The Audio Beat

Passive, Non-Reactive, and Complementary to All Analog Power Supplies
Sigma Analog utilizes Caelin Gabriel's proprietary ZiTron circuit, specifically designed to reduce the frequencies of noise most commonly associated with analog component power supplies. Noise-filter elements used in Sigma Analog are entirely passive and non-reactive, so they will never get in the way of current flow or interfere with the power supplies of the components. In other words, Sigma Analog is complementary to all electronic power supplies within its classification and allows all components to perform at peak efficiency both in terms of current delivery and lowered noise.

"Shunyata continues to push the state-of-the-art in AC power. The Sigma is the best cord Shunyata has made, improving on previous models by deepening background silences , increasing resolution at the lowest levels, rendering textures more realistically, allowing the rest of your components to sound their best. Robert Harley's reference."
The Absolute Sound, 2015 Product of the Year Award

Eliminates CCI and Protects Other Electronics in Your System from Noise
The defining feature of each Sigma power cord relates to Shunyata's highest-performing ZiTron circuits, which measurably reduce noise at the first point of electrical contact with component power supplies. No power conditioner can capture noise at the first stage of a component's electrical circuit and isolate that noise from other components. This ultra-efficient means of noise reduction virtually eliminates CCI (Component-to-Component Interference) and protects electronics in the system from being affected by commonly shared noise. Essentially, Sigma power cords function as independent, high-current power conditioners. All three Sigma models cancel the specific frequencies of noise associated with the class of components for which they are designed.

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