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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Venom Digital Power Cable (15A, 1.75m)


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Shunyata Venom Digital Power Cable

Nothing Improves the Performance of Digital Audio Components at This Price Point Better Than the Shunyata Venom Digital Power Cable: Hear More Clarity, Dynamics, and Resolution from Your Music

Shunyata developed the Venom Digital Power Cable to reduce power line noise and allow digital components to deliver 100% of their performance capabilities. This stellar power cable addresses the specific noise challenges presented by any digital components in audio and video systems. Unlike other power cables that claim to address noise, Venom Digital measurably lowers the power line noise emissions from digital components. This measurable difference results in vast improvements in clarity, dynamics and resolution in any system. For under $500, this is the greatest upgrade for any computer-audio system, digital front end, SACD/CD players, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Analog-to-Digital Converters, or any digital component. We highly recommend you try one of the new Shunyata Venom Digital Power Cables for yourself. All you have to lose is unwanted noise!

“Given my modest front-end, the addition of the Shunyata power cords, speaker cables and interconnects transformed what was a merely a good-sounding system into a good-sounding and emotionally involving system. That was all I could have asked for.”
—Guy Lemcoe, The Audio Beat

Venom Digital contains a unique noise canceling circuit that filters ultra-high frequency noise commonly associated with digital electronic power supplies. It uses the same conductors as the award-winning Venom 3 power cable but terminated with audiophile grade connectors. Venom Digital is an important link in Shunyata's line of Venom power cables. Each component in Shunyata Research's Venom Power System is designed to serve the unique current or noise demands of each component by maximizing peak-current delivery (DTCD) and minimizing the noise shared between electronics -- component-to-component interference (CCI). Venom Digital serves its purpose by reducing the output of high-frequency noise and preventing this noise from affecting the performance of other components. Recommendations for application include all digital and video sources, transports, CD players, DACs, routers, servers, processors, computers, projectors, digital clocks, up-samplers, TVs, and scalers. In short, any component that has a digital component within its operation.
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