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KLH - Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers (Mahogany, Pair, Includes Riser) **OPEN BOX**

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KLH - Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers (Mahogany, Pair, Includes Riser) **OPEN BOX**

KLH - Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers (Mahogany, Pair, Includes Riser) **OPEN BOX**

Now $799.00
Was $1,799.98
Save $1000.98 (56%)
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Connect with Your Music on a More Emotional Level: KLH Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers Offer Spectacular Sound and Include Stands

Psst…Want in on a secret? The KLH Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension speakers rank among the finest values in the hi-fi industry, these mid-century-modern-inspired dynamos play with levels of clarity, control, and cohesiveness few models in their price class even approach. Each pair comes with powder-coated steel stands/risers that will help you dial-in the ideal sweet spot and position the speakers at an optimal height level. A 10-year manufacturer warranty, three-position Acoustic Balance Selector, gold-plated binding posts, and removable grilles add to the obvious appeal. Ditto the solid build quality that extends to the real wood veneers, cast aluminum baskets, and vibration-resistant 0.75-inch MDF cabinets. 

Able to be placed close to walls without any drop-off in performance, or even directly on a bookshelf or similar support surface (sans their eight-degree-slanted riser bases, so they measure just 19 x 11.5 x 10.5 inches (HWD)), Model Three is anchored by an eight-inch, high-excursion woofer with a high-current, flat-wire voice coil and aluminum flux stabilizing ring. Engineer Kerry Geist mated this powerful, accurate driver to a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 13-component crossover network with 12-decibel octave filters. The result: Taut, dynamic playback and the ability to present every imaginable kind of music in emotionally involving manners. 

Credit for such prowess owes to KLH’s implementation of the Acoustic Suspension principle. First developed in the 1950s and improved over the subsequent decades, the approach uses sealed cabinet and air spring — or, the natural acoustic stiffness of air trapped inside an enclosure. In addition to smoother bass, Acoustic Suspension begets increased accuracy, tighter transients, and enhanced resolution. Not for nothing did Stereophile critic Robert Schryer rave: “[The] sound was dynamic and alive, with realistic bite and a glowing complexion. It was incisive, fast, accurate.”

Factor in just how beautiful these speakers look, and how easy they are to place, and Model Three leaps to the front of the line amid a crowded field. Versatile, movable, attractive, affordable, and, most importantly, sonically sensational: Model Three rocks. If you want to know more, or have any questions about you can audition a pair risk-free in your home, simply call an audio consultant at 312-433-0200 today. 

"The Model Three always sounds taut, rhythmic and controlled, helping to connect with the music on an emotional level."
—Mark Gusew, StereoNET, Applause Award

"I think the KLH Model Threes are one of the best deals and best-kept secrets in audio."
—Robert Schryer, Stereophile

"[It] offers a unique blend of superb sound, an included stand that will allow it to perform at its best, adjustability, and a unique, vintage look with up-to-date audio performance.”
Sound & Vision

"[The] midrange and treble clarity is simply off the charts and largely without equal at this price point."
—Andrew Robinson, The Recovering Audiophile

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