KLH - Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers (Walnut, Pair) **SCRATCH & DENT**

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KLH - Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers (Walnut, Pair) **SCRATCH & DENT**

KLH - Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers (Walnut, Pair) **SCRATCH & DENT**

Now $1,199.00
Was $1,799.98
Save $600.98 (33%)
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KLH Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers Offer Spectacular Sound, Elegant Cabinetry, Fantastic Value, and Complementary Stands

Great music deserves great loudspeakers. Whether you stream your music or listen to it on physical formats, the KLH Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers will help you get closer to the music you love. Designed in Noblesville, Indiana, the Model Three combines ingenious design with a Midwestern sense of value, demonstrating new levels of performance for a two-way speaker in this price class.

These elegant speakers continue the KLH legacy of accurate audiophile-quality performance, and they are the perfect solution for music enthusiasts who want terrific audio quality in smaller listening spaces. And comparable to the award-winning KLH Model Five, listeners have the flexibility to place their Model Three speakers closer to the wall than the average tower speaker. This carefully engineered loudspeaker offers premium performance from a cabinet that can be placed on the floor (with complementary, 8-degree risers), or they can even fit on a bookshelf.

The Model Three employs new drivers to deliver spectacular sound and lifelike dynamics. But the most important key to the Model Three's design is the use of the Acoustic Suspension principle. First developed in the 1950s and honed through decades of subsequent research, this design utilizes a sealed cabinet and a so-called "air spring," which is the natural acoustic stiffness of air trapped inside an enclosure. To put it simply, the result is smoother bass. Around the globe, Acoustic Suspension designs are held in high esteem for their increased accuracy, tighter bass transients, and exceptional bass resolution.

KLH Chief Engineer Kerry Geist designed the Model Three around an eight-inch, high-excursion woofer with a high-current, flat-wire voice coil, and an aluminum flux stabilizing ring. Mated to a lightweight, one-inch aluminum dome tweeter and a 13-component Crossover Network with 12-decible octave filters, the whole kit gets the finishing touch in a ¾” structurally reinforced cabinet.

Finally, for added performance and personalization, the Model Three is outfitted with a three-position “Acoustic Balance Selector” to alleviate negative acoustical issues in your room.

The KLH Model Three has magnificent build quality, with real wood veneers, cast aluminum baskets, and gorgeous, sustainable MDF cabinetry. Like the Model Five floorstanding speaker, the English Walnut Model Three bookshelf speaker comes with a beautiful Stone Wash Linen grille cloth that magnifies the rich finish of the real wood veneers. Meanwhile, the West African Mahogany finish is complemented by the gorgeous Old-World Linen grille cloth, which never fails to make a striking aesthetic statement. You can purchase the Old-World Linen, Stone Wash Linen, and the stunning Basalt Black Knit grille separately to customize your Model Three bookshelf speakers. (These grilles are all available at Music Direct.)

The Model Three speakers come with one pair of grilles and a complementary pair of riser bases. These sturdy, steel speaker stands not only help create an ideal “sweet spot” for listening, they also enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

These gorgeous speakers come with a 10-year warranty from KLH. And, like all Music Direct products, the KLH Model Three 2-Way Acoustic Suspension Speakers come with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"The Model Three always sounds taut, rhythmic and controlled, helping to connect with the music on an emotional level. I wanted to listen longer and rediscover all my old favorite pieces of music."
—Mark Gusew, StereoNET, Applause Award

"I think the KLH Model Threes are one of the best deals and best-kept secrets in audio."
—Robert Schryer, Stereophile

"Now, with respect to sound quality, I'm not going to beat around the bush. Like the Model Fives, the Threes are amazing..... [The] midrange and treble clarity is simply off the charts and largely without equal at this price point."
—Andrew Robinson, The Recovering Audiophile (YouTube)

"[The KLH Model Three] has a big personality that makes music fun to listen to, yet it is still disciplined, concise and controlled, all in a small package. It tends to take on the personality of the amplifier driving it, so it has decent levels of neutrality—but with a likeable twist. It has appeal and charisma, so it's easy to understand why so many are enthusiastic about the Model Five, with which it shares many attributes.... Rewarding and engaging, it produces a huge stereo image, and with bass [tones] full of texture and resolution.... So do check it out if you can—not just for its vintage styling or obvious cool factor, but for its likeable sonics. It really does connect you to the music in a special way."
—Mark Gusew, StereoNET, Applause Award

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