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Klipsch - RF-7 III Tower Speaker (Each)

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Klipsch - RF-7 III Tower Speaker (Each)

Klipsch - RF-7 III Tower Speaker (Each)

Price $2,199.00
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97-Pound Klipsch RF-7 III Offers Massive Soundstaging, Immense Energy, 100dB Sensitivity: U.S.A.-Made Tower Loudspeaker Has Two 10-Inch Woofers and 90° x 90° Tractrix Horn

Circular throat, square mouth: Such descriptions might not make immediate sense when it comes to audio, but in the case of the Klipsch RF-7 III tower loudspeaker, they take on dramatic importance. Specifically, they refer to the mighty unit's redesigned 90 x 90 Tractrix horn – in which a round horn throat pairs to a square mouth for stellar high-frequency response, extension, imaging, and dynamics. Compressed molded rubber construction adds damping to reduce harshness and spotlight detail, lavishing you with clean, natural sound. And that's just one aspect of the U.S.A.-made RF-7 III, which provides gigantic soundstages, ruler-specific accuracy, deep bass, and lively energy.

The hefty, 97-pound floorstander also boasts an entirely revised 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver with a new phase plug to elevate phase coherency, leading to excellent pressure linearity even at high frequencies. Add to that two huge 10-inch spun-copper Cerametallic woofers distinguished with ultra-firm rigidity and lightweight construction, and nasties such as breakup and distortion don't even enter the picture. Each driver features a heavy-duty cast-aluminum frame for resonant-free operation. Moreover, each also incorporates a dual shorting-ring magnet structure to eliminate modulation of the magnetic flux, resulting in elevated linearity of cone movement.

RF-7 III doesn't stop at optimizing mechanicals. Klipsch invested in a new bifurcated enclosure that enables each 10-inch woofer and rear-firing Tractrix-geometric port to work independently from the other. The method improves the linearity and air flow of both drive systems all the while minimizing standing wave problems inside the cabinet that can cause anomalies in the sensitive midrange. Another benefit of the forward-looking architecture: Efficiency. We're talking 100dB sensitivity, a value that is best in RF-7 III's class by a long shot.

True to Klipsch tradition, the 49 x 13.875 x 17.875-inch (HWD) RF-7 III looks timeless. Furniture-grade wood veneers crafted by hand in Arkansas blend with the striking copper drivers to make a breathtaking statement. Removable grilles, supplied feet, a five-year manufacturer warranty, and our 100% Music Direct Guarantee help complete this Reference Series masterwork.

1.75-Inch Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver
The compression driver features a new phase plug design to improve phase coherency at the throat of the horn, resulting in improved sound pressure linearity at high frequencies.

90° x 90° Tractrix Horn
The redesigned Tractrix Horn utilizes a circular horn throat paired to a square horn mouth to further improve high-frequency response and extension, while enhancing imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber construction adds high frequency damping to reduce harshness and improve detail. This creates clean, natural sound.

Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
Cerametallic woofers represent the pinnacle of Klipsch driver design, maintaining exceptional rigidity, and lightweight construction, for minimal cone breakup and distortion. When paired with the Tractrix horn-loaded compression driver, it provides speaker efficiency highest in its class.

New Tractrix Port
Utilizing Tractrix geometry, RF-7 III ports allow for the most efficient air transfer from the cabinet – for clean, powerful low-frequency response.

Dual-Chambered Enclosure
The new bifurcated enclosure allows each 10-inch driver and port to work independently from the other. This improves the linearity of both drive systems, and minimizes standing wave problems inside the cabinet that can cause frequency anomalies in the sensitive midrange frequencies.

Cast-Frame Woofer Design
Each 10-inch woofer feature a heavy-duty cast aluminum frame for resonant-free operation. In addition, each woofer incorporates a dual shorting-ring magnet structure design to eliminate modulation of the magnetic flux resulting in improved linearity of cone movement.

Furniture-Grade Wood Veneers
RF-7 III enclosures all utilize furniture grade wood veneers, and are available in black ash, cherry, and walnut.

Specification Sheet (PDF, 181 KB)

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