MartinLogan - Motion 35XTi Bookshelf Speakers (Gloss Black, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

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MartinLogan - Motion 35XTi Bookshelf Speakers (Gloss Black, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

MartinLogan - Motion 35XTi Bookshelf Speakers (Gloss Black, Pair) **OPEN BOX**

Now $899.00
Was $1,499.98
Save $600.98 (40%)
This product is not eligible for further discounts.
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MartinLogan Motion 35XTi Bookshelf Loudspeakers Are Easy to Drive, Play with Open Sound, Offer Great Value: Feature Folded Motion XT Tweeter with Large Radiating Surface

MartinLogan's Motion 35XTi bookshelf loudspeakers prove big, engaging sound can come from a small package. The beguiling performance first stems from the proprietary Folded Motion XT tweeter that boasts a 40 percent larger radiating surface than other any other MartinLogan Motion speaker. The resulting wide dispersion produces a stunningly immersive soundstage that extends far beyond the speaker's boundaries and operates free of the room reflections that typically impact performance. Additionally, the XT tweeter gets rave reviews for its smooth, distortion-free presentation of high-frequency detail. Combine such sweetness with the robust, muscular midrange and low frequencies supplied by the extremely rigid, 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofer as well as virtually resonance-free cabinetry (courtesy of updated reinforced baffles), and you have a compact monitor that keeps you focused on what matters most – the emotional and visceral impact of your music and movies.

Courtesy of its 92dB efficiency rating, Motion 35XTi matches easily with a spectacular range of electronics – from tube amplifiers or to large home-theater receiver. And Motion 35XTi's effortless dynamics are made possible by a special filter network that incorporates a custom air core coil, low DCR steel laminate inductors, polyester film capacitors in series, and low DF electrolytic capacitors in parallel. Adding to its versatility, Motion 35XTi arrives voice-matched with MartinLogan's ESL Series electrostatic speakers – making it an easy choice for building a high-end surround system.

Visually, luxurious, high-gloss finishes and satin-smooth edges add to the appeal. And while Motion 35XTi only stands 13.5 inches high and claims a 7.6 x 11.8-inch (WD) footprint, guests will be surprised by its ability to render instruments and effects with attention-getting realism. Five-way, bi-wire binding posts allow for easy installation. Indeed, if you've been thinking that tight space and a limited budget would prevent you from experiencing world-class sound, it's time to try out Motion 35XTi – backed by our risk-free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

"There are a million different ways speakers can voice music, but it's those presentations that keep me sitting and listening that really matter. The 35XTi really hits it out of the park in this regard."
– Drew Kalbach, The Absolute Sound

Sound Inspired by Electrostatic Speakers

The success of Motion Series is directly attributed to its close relation to MartinLogan's legendary ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers. The desire to transmute that level of performance into a more traditional loudspeaker at a more affordable price drove the initial design imperatives that created Motion Series.

Folded Motion XT Tweeters

MartinLogan's signature Folded Motion tweeter utilizes an extremely low mass diaphragm that "squeezes" air, thus demanding significantly less excursion than the typical one-inch dome tweeter. Its folded design allows for a much larger surface area (compared to that of a regular one-inch dome tweeter), controlled dispersion characteristics, and vanishingly low distortion. It's a miracle of audio engineering that's able to deliver much of the high-frequency detail and speed of a large, dynamic electrostatic panel in a small space. Folded Motion XT tweeters, advanced thin-film transducer technology even further, with a 40% larger radiating surface and 80x30-degree controlled dispersion. This tweak increases audible bandwidth without sacrificing details and minimizes distortion to an unprecedented level while increasing efficiency and the tweeter's already lightning-fast response time.

Proprietary Vojtko Crossover Networks

Premium Motion Series speakers feature proprietary Vojtko crossover networks using polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors, custom-wound inductors, and thermal and current protection. Vojtko crossovers are named after MartinLogan's chief audio technologist, Joe Vojtko. His unique approach to crossover design is as big of a part of the "MartinLogan Sound" as are electrostatic and Folded Motion thin-film driver technologies. A Vojtko crossover isn't so much a set of design requirements as it is a philosophy. Vojtko crossovers are designed in such a way that all drivers are kept within their optimal frequency range and balanced with one another. The drivers themselves are as much a part of a Vojtko crossover as are capacitors and resistors. Before the design of any crossover begins, drivers are carefully selected or designed to operate within a very intentional frequency range and with precise and predictable performance parameters. Vojtko crossovers are always built from high-quality parts, and care is taken to avoid overly complex topologies – a straightforward objective due to the careful selection of woofers and tweeters. The final (and most critical) aspect of a Vojtko crossover is that final voicing is conducted in a space that is indicative of a real-world environment. This pragmatic approach allows MartinLogan speakers to sound their best in real-world rooms.

Modern Design Featuring Luxurious Finishes

Discreetly hidden behind fabric wrapped magnetic grilles, Folded Motion and aluminum cone drivers are held securely in place beneath matte black trim that masks tweeter and woofer mounting hardware for a clean, modern aesthetic. Solid cabinets, designed to eliminate fidelity robbing vibrations, are constructed from 18mm (0.7-inch) MDF with 31mm (1.2-inch) thick front baffles. MartinLogan's premier Motion Series speakers are available in three luxurious finishes and matching metallic trim – gloss black with black grilles and gunmetal grey trim, matte white with silver grilles and silver trim, and red walnut with black grilles and champagne colored trim.

Custom Five-Way Tool-Less Binding Posts

Premium gold-plated five-way tool-less binding posts assure a stable connection while accommodating a wide range of connections. Two sets of binding posts accommodate bi-wire connections to increase signal carrying conductors and allow each portion of the crossover to be directly coupled to the amplifier.

Frequency Response: 50-25,000 Hz ±3dB
Recommended Amplifier Power: 20-250 watts per channel
Horizontal Dispersion: 80°
Vertical Dispersion: 30°
Sensitivity: 92 dB/2.83 volts/meter
Impedance: 4 Ohms Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.
Crossover Frequency: 2,200 Hz
High Frequency Transducer: 1.25" x 2.4" (3.2cm x 6.1cm) Folded Motion XT Transducer with 4.5" x 2.75" (11.4cm x 7cm) diaphragm
Low Frequency Transducer: 6.5” (16.5cm) aluminum cone with cast polymer basket
Inputs: Custom 5-way tool-less binding posts
Weight: 18.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 13.5" x 7.6" x 11.8"

User Manual (PDF, 3.4 MB)

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