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Cambridge - Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth & Evo 75 All-in-One Player

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Cambridge - Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth & Evo 75 All-in-One Player

Cambridge - Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth & Evo 75 All-in-One Player

Now $2,999.00
Was $3,498.00
Save $499.00 (14%)
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Cambridge Audio Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth Offers Convenience, Flexibility, Cool Aesthetics, and Best of All, Excellent Sound

The Cambridge Audio Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable was designed for listeners who truly love vinyl. It comes with a pre-fitted cartridge, which means you can unbox this turntable and be playing records in minutes. Alva ST is for people who want exceptional sonic quality — without the need to choose or fit in extra components. Alva ST will connect to nearly any audio system because it has a switchable integrated phono stage. It also works wirelessly with Bluetooth speaker systems.

Because it is carefully engineered with built-in Bluetooth aptX HD, Alva ST offers tremendous flexibility. With the freedom to place an Alva deck on any flat surface, your records take center stage. Music can be streamed to any compatible Bluetooth kit, including headphones, at up to 24bit/48kHz Hi-Res quality. Or, you can deactivate it and simply use phono cables — it's your call.

Alva ST has an integrated phono stage (phono pre-amp), derived from the award-winning Alva Duo — so it is designed to reveal incredible sonic detail from your records. This phono stage greatly enhances the “convenience factor” because you can connect Alva ST to a vast variety of amps and speaker systems. You can deactivate the deck's phono stage, too — ideal if your amp already has one or if you want to keep your upgrade options open.

After hours of listening, the engineers at Cambridge Audio selected an Audio-Technica moving-magnet (MM) cartridge to be fitted on Alva ST. The elliptical stylus provides an expansive contact area with your records' grooves, resulting in highly accurate tracking of information and, of course, exceptional audio quality. This cartridge offers tremendous sonic detail and midrange clarity, while also delivering tight, authoritative bass.

Alva ST uses a reliable belt-drive design, supplemented with electronic motor speed control. After connecting the belt for the first time, you won't need to look under the platter again. Rotation speed selection is made by two electronic buttons on the ST's aluminum top surface, so you can easily switch between 33RPM and 45RPM.

Alva ST's platter is aluminum die-cast, finished by CNC, to ensure a totally level and smooth surface. The 17mm high aluminum platter is combined with a 5mm rubber mat, a combination proven to reduce unwanted resonance.

Alva ST features a high-mass, low-resonance tonearm. By minimizing resonant frequencies, and working in combination with the cartridge, it helps retrieve the maximum detail from your records. A detachable die-cast aluminum headshell makes swapping cartridges easy, and they can be fine-tuned with great precision, thanks to a new anti-skating dial.

A record collection can last a lifetime, so why shouldn't a turntable? Cambridge Audio built Alva ST to do just that, with a 1mm aluminum top plate, and a layer of EVA (to absorb vibration) sitting on MDF. It's cradled in a composite chassis and weighs about 20 pounds. The result is solid construction, with great acoustic performance attributes, too.

This sturdy, reliable turntable was designed and engineered in London with the emphasis on timeless style. Finished with a lunar-grey aluminum top plate and black plinth, with a floating wedge base, Alva ST exudes elegance. Aesthetically and sonically, it is the perfect match for Cambridge Audio's Evo and CX Series hi-fi separates.

You can keep your turntable's finely balanced tonearm and aluminum top plate in pristine condition by using the hinged dust-cover. It's easy to raise, lower, remove, and re-attach — the choice is yours.

The embodiment of high quality and total convenience, Cambridge Audio's Evo 75 All-in-One Player is an amplifier/streamer that makes it easy to enjoy to high-resolution tracks. All you need to do is add loudspeakers. Thanks to its array of digital and analog inputs – as well as its carefully engineered digital-to-analog convertor – the Evo 75 can be the sturdy heart of an expanding hi-fi system.

Because the Evo 75 has Hypex NCore Class D amplification and the StreamMagic music streaming platform onboard, after you've quickly set up the unit, millions of high-res files will be just a click away. Hassle-free operation is the name of the game here. Just plug the Evo 75 into the mains, wire it to your speakers, and then fire up your favorite music streaming service on a smartphone, tablet, or other device. You can connect to the unit using the app, Bluetooth, or the Evo 75's built-in streaming service support.

The Roon Ready Evo 75 is a gateway to a wide array of streaming options, including TIDAL Masters, with MQA decoding onboard, which allows you to enjoy all the nuance and sonic texture revealed by high-resolution files. (Evo is a Roon endpoint, so it can be used as part of a Roon multiroom system.) With Qobuz's Studio Sublime plan, you can use the Evo 75 to stream at 24-bit/192 kHz. Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and dozens of other services are also at your fingertips. (The Evo 75 is designed with Google Chromecast built in, so it could be part of a Google Home multiroom system.)

The Evo 75 is rated at 75Wpc (into 8 ohms), and under the hood, it is constructed with high-quality parts, including an ESS Sabre 32-bit high-resolution DAC. Advantages of the Hypex NCore Class D amplification include a proprietary self-oscillating feedback topology and a dedicated, high-current power supply.

Also, by incorporating aptX HD Bluetooth capability, the Evo 75 delivers all the wireless convenience you want, without any sonic compromises. Along with its 3.5mm output for headphones, the Evo 75 is a Bluetooth transmitter, so if want to enjoy a private listening session with wireless headphones, Evo has you covered.

Thanks to the 6.8-inch, high-resolution display, you can see bright, clear, and detailed album artwork when you're listening to a streaming service.

Film buffs can have a more immersive experience by connecting their TV's HDMI ARC output to the Evo 75's ARC input. In fact, the Evo 75 delivers convenience and tremendous flexibility via its numerous connections: Ethernet port, Evo CD custom connection, HDMI input with ARC, USB, speakers, coaxial, optical, RCA, subwoofer out, and pre-amp out.

When Cambridge Audio launched the Evo 75, it simultaneously introduced the Evo 150 All-in-One Player, which is rated at 150Wpc (into 8 ohms), and it incorporates additional features, including a moving magnet phono stage and a balanced XLR input.

Weighing 11 pounds and only about a foot wide, the Evo 75 is easy to position and can be easily moved, if needed. The included wood side panels, which attach magnetically, can be quickly added or removed, depending on the aesthetics of your listening space. A full-function remote control is also included.

"The clarity and breadth of the Evo's soundstage are instantly apparent.... And detail resolution is generous and spread evenly across the frequency range, too.... There are now many streaming hi-fi products that sound great, look superb, or are pleasant to use, but not many manage to nail all three as convincingly as the Cambridge Audio Evo 75."
What Hi-Fi? five-star review

"[This turntable] looks beautiful and supports aptX HD wireless hi-res streaming."
Gear Patrol, "The Best Things We Saw at CES 2022"

"Cambridge Audio surprised a lot of people with their Alva Turntable, which offered Bluetooth playback and an OEM tonearm courtesy of Rega. Some audiophiles lifted their noses at the innovative design, but those of us who actually tried or bought one were quite impressed.... Designed for new vinyl lovers as well as those looking to upgrade from their first record player for a step up in performance, the Cambridge Audio Alva ST is the perfect turntable to enjoy a growing vinyl collection, with exceptional sound quality and an elegant design that will be a showstopper in any room."
—Ian White, Ecoustics

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